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articles by: Aidan Koch

Protect Yourself: Home Sunburn Remedies

The 4th of July is just around the corner, which means the kick off to sunburn season. Between lying on the beach and standing by the BBQ, a burn could be the difference between 10 and 30 minutes in t…


5 DIY Fabric Techniques

Try these five fantastic ways to create your own unique fabrics for curtains, clothing, or accessories. Spoonflower This website is an awesome resource in the age of digital printing. You can up…


25 Awesome Uses for Old Newspaper

As receiving your news from the internet quickly becomes the norm, getting the 'paper' in the morning is becoming a rare and special thing. Even if you just get it on Sundays, as soon as the day is do…


5 Uses for Seashells by the Sea Shore

Humans have an undeniable draw to seashells. They're such a simple but beautiful gift from the ocean; little abandoned homes that get pushed ashore. The joy of collecting and combing the beach is addi…


DIY Homes for Bees

We may not always give due credit, but pollinators are key to the crop. They are an extremely crucial component to agriculture and modern civilization. We need them. And unfortunately, because of our …


Are Comic Books…Cool?

We are entering a new era where the 'nerds' on Big  Bang Theory are making top television ratings, countless blogs are recounting the weekly drama of HBO's Game of Thrones and The Avengers is killing …


10 Surprising Uses for Old Towels

There are plenty of uses for an old towel that are more worthy than the landfill. Try any of the following uses to provide your old towel with a second life. Beach tote Sew in a towel as the linin…


Is Letter Writing a Lost Art?

Is letter writing a lost art? Does anyone still pick up the pen and compose thoughtful correspondence? Do they send pictures, poems, art? Do you? It may seem like this primitive means of communicat…


Sucked In: Some Great Design Blogs

It's not always a question of whether you have time to troll the internet or blog sphere, more often than not it just happens. I'm not ashamed to say I love my tumblr and google reader. They are a por…


Easy Weaving

Weaving is a tradition in so many cultures, but so few in our society today know the basics of these skills. No doubt, it's a laborious process if you are going so deep as to attempt a rug or tapestry…


about Aidan Koch

Aidan Koch is an illustrator, artist, and writer. Her formative years were spent in the heart of the Puget Sound in Olympia, WA. Though Portland, OR has been her home base for some time, she always has an adventure around the corner.

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