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articles by: Megan, selected from Animal Planet

Can Dogs Sense When You’re Sick?

Imagine that instead of giving a urine sample or getting blood drawn when you need a diagnostic health test, you consult with a dog instead. It's a funny concept, but your pooch may have more in commo…


Chihuahua Runs the Ranch (Video)

Buddy the Chihuahua has an amazing rescue story that is filmed from Rancho de Chihuahua Dog Sanctuary-- a place small special needs dogs can call home. Related Mourning a Pet's Death and Celeb…


Beagles Keep Airport Safe (Video)

Beagles use their super sense of smell to sniff out airport targets, helping to prevent crime and even disease! Related 9 Reasons to Love Mutts Farm Dog Cares for Orphaned Goslings (Video) 8…


Small Dog Heals Sick Kids (Video)

Mackenzie the dog offers children at New York Presbyterian Hospital unconditional love. Related The ABCs of Pet Adoption Puppy Gets Thrown Away and Saved By Garbage Man Amazing Dogs Workin…


6 Unbelievable Stories of Pets Returning Home

Salmon follow the smell of their home waters. Birds and bees appear to navigate by the sun, stars, and moon. We can't really explain how so many lost dogs and cats magically seem to find their way bac…


Why Do Cats Lose Their Hair?

By Kathy Blumenstock, Animal Planet Not-so-newsflash: Cats shed! Year-round, nonstop, long- and short-haired cats alike lose dead fur in an ongoing process that lets them deposit cat hair on thei…


10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

From Animal Planet The results are in! In the American Kennel Club's annual survey of most popular purebred dogs in the U.S., the Labrador Retriever has won again. This is the 20th year in a row th…


10 Best Puppy Bowl Moments

Are you ready for the big game on Sunday? The Puppy Bowl, that is. Watch the top 10 best videos below, and don't miss the kitty half-time show on page 4. …


Must Love Cats: Cat-tographer

Look out Steven Spielberg. This cat gives us an in-depth look at his everyday life through a feline lens. Related Links: The Secret Life of Cats Real Life Cat Burglar Kitten at the Office …


Top 10 Cat-Friendly Small Dogs

By Laurie L. Dove, Animal Planet Lions and lambs. Birds and worms. Dogs and cats. There are some combinations of animals, which left to their own devices, just don't mix. This is especially t…


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