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Why Rich People Wake Up Early

Perhaps the most common complaint is the number of hours in a day. We use it as an excuse for why we donít exercise enough (thereís just never enough time) and itís also a go-to excuse for why we caní…


How Gratitude Can Save You Money

Impulse buying is a weakness we come by naturally. The human mind is predisposed to choose immediate reward over delayed gratification, and unfortunately, where money is concerned, that predisposition…


6 Ways Love Can Help Your Bank Account

What is the key ingredient for a fulfilling life? Harvard researchers†spent 75 years studying†the issue and found that Ė drum roll please Ė love matters. In fact, itís all that matters, as any Hollywo…


5 Money Lessons from Mistakes Moms Make

I learned a lot of valuable lessons from my mother (always do your homework, live within your means, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches make everything better are among my favorites), but some of …


5 Lessons Your Dog Can Teach You About Success

Watch him lounging on the couch, snoozing in the sun, taking a leisurely stroll. This is not a vacation. Itís your dogís enviable existence. Thereís more to learn from the canine life than the value o…


5 Worst Ways to Waste Money

You work hard for your money and you want to make sure you aren't wasting it. But over and over again, you are probably doing just that, in the form of unnecessary fees and purchases. Brand Names …


10 Things Your New Baby Does Not Need

While those adorably perfect bundles of joy certainly require their fair share of purchases, some gifts are better left on the shelf. Here are the top 10 worst-offender baby gifts most likely to be ba…


Why Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions Will Save You Money

Do you need a little more incentive to stick with your New Year's resolutions? At, we always have cost savings on the brain, and that's exactly what you can do if this year, finally, …


Why You Should Give Back This Holiday Season (Infographic)

Think of the word "volunteers" and you might picture a group of people so generous that they put aside the fun things in life - say, Xbox games and time on the beach - in favor of spending dull, grind…


7 Things Your Girlfriend Wants This Christmas

Between the elaborate displays of shiny new clothes and earrings at department stores and Main Street shops, you can get overwhelmed with the many options for what you should get your girlfriend for C…


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