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articles by: Diana Vilibert

7 Reasons You Should Start Strength Training

Hitting the treadmill is good for everything from your heart to your mood—but if you’re not also strength training on a regular basis, you’re missing out on some major health benefits. Keep reading fo…


7 Sneaky Things That Can Sabotage Your Diet

Losing weight isn’t always as easy as making healthier food choice and exercising more. Keep reading to find out how your job, travel schedule, and other factors affect your diet.   Travel Pa…


What Your Texts Say About Your Sex Life

Are your text messages peppered with emojis? According to’s annual dating survey, you may be having more sex than those who express themselves through words alone.  In fact, the poll of 5,6…


3 Ways to ‘Green’ Your Period

Think tampons or pads are your only options when that time of the month comes around? While they’re overwhelmingly the most popular choice, there are women reaching for Earth-friendly alternatives. …


8 Surprising Habits That Cause Back Pain

Mysterious aches and pains? The cause may surprise you—plus, easy fixes for back pain culprits. 1. The Habit: Sleeping On An Old Mattress According to the National Sleep Foundation, a good mattress …


The Best Jobs in America, According to New Report

How does your job stack up? While your opinion may be influenced by a crazy boss and that guy in the next cubicle over who’s constantly humming, job search site Glassdoor recently put together their o…


Why Girls Should Stay Away from Soda

Frequent consumption of sugary drinks—including soda, fruit mixes, and sweetened iced tea—has been linked with an early start to menstruation in girls, according to new research. The study followed 5…


Coffee Protects Against Skin Cancer, Study Finds

Coffee lovers don’t have to look very hard for evidence that their morning (and afternoon) cup is good for them. The effects of coffee on health have been researched for years, and it’s been praised f…


13 Surprising Headache Triggers

All the way back in 4,000 BC, it was thought that evil spirits were the cause of headaches. The cure? Removing a portion of the skull to allow the spirits to leave, of course. We know better now, and…


2 Exercises That Lower Diabetes Risk

Need a little motivation for that new year's resolution to hit the gym more often? New research has found that there are some types of exercise that might lower your diabetes risk. Doctors have kno…


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