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articles by: Diana Vilibert

Coffee Protects Against Skin Cancer, Study Finds

Coffee lovers don’t have to look very hard for evidence that their morning (and afternoon) cup is good for them. The effects of coffee on health have been researched for years, and it’s been praised f…


13 Surprising Headache Triggers

All the way back in 4,000 BC, it was thought that evil spirits were the cause of headaches. The cure? Removing a portion of the skull to allow the spirits to leave, of course. We know better now, and…


2 Exercises That Lower Diabetes Risk

Need a little motivation for that new year's resolution to hit the gym more often? New research has found that there are some types of exercise that might lower your diabetes risk. Doctors have kno…


Optimist or Pessimist? 7 Benefits of Both

Good news, optimists: your glass-half-full attitude has some major benefits to your health and happiness, just as you cheerily always assumed would be the case. Pessimist? Before you grumble “I knew i…


4 Surprising Ways to Ward Off a Cold

You already wash your hands often and load up on vitamin-rich foods…but there are a few more things you can do to avoid catching a cold, according to recent research. Keep your nose warm The col…


The Better-Sex Diet

Want stronger orgasms and a higher libido? Start with your nutrition. No—you don't have to eat oysters for three meals a day (they're awkward to eat at your office desk anyway). But you can kickstart …


Hangover Survival Guide: 8 Strategies

Before you start in on the champagne, get prepared with these strategies to keep the morning-after hangover at bay. Before: Chug, chug, chug! Start early and keep knocking it back all night—we'…


5 Surprising Foods for Better Sleep (And 4 to Avoid)

Tossing and turning? The answer to—or the cause of—your sleep issues may be in your fridge. Read on to find which foods to consider adding to your diet for a more peaceful slumber…and which to stay aw…


Keep Your New Year’s Resolution: 4 Science-Backed Tips

Planning to lose weight, start running, or quit smoking in 2015? Join the club. While a lot of us—almost half percent of Americans—make New Year’s resolutions confidently and optimistically, only eigh…


How 3 Minutes of Exercise Per Week Can Improve Your Health

Despite all of the benefits of exercise—it helps you sleep, boosts brainpower, helps you lose weight, makes you happier—it can still be pretty tempting (and easy) to talk ourselves out of that Zumba c…


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Diana Vilibert is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn. You can find her at, or tweet her at @dianavilibert.

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