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articles by: Diana Vilibert

This Cat Video Is Good for Your Mental Health

Feel better after watching that video? You can thank SCIENCE. A recent study lead by Indiana University Media School researcher Jessica Gall Myrick confirmed what we've all been hoping is true: wa…


Exhausted? These 5 Summer Energy Zappers Could Be Why

It’s not your imagination—some people really do get more tired during the summer months. Yawning in agreement? Keep reading for possible culprits.   Blasting the AC If your office blasts th…


What Your Birth Month Can Predict About Your Health

You may not put too much stock in your astrological horoscope, but what about a health horoscope? Your birth month may be able to tell you a lot about your health issues, according to research publish…


9 Things to Start Doing at Night

If your nighttime routine consists of nothing more than changing from your work clothes into your pajamas and crawling into bed, it’s time to rethink it. Try adopting some new bedtime habits for bette…


7 Instant Benefits of Exercise

Starting a new exercise routine can be daunting, and the long-term benefits can often seem too far off to motivate us to give up an extra hour of sleep in favor of hitting the gym. But luckily, there’…


6 Weird (But Science-Backed) Ways to Supercharge Your Workout

What do cursing, Beyonce and your favorite jeans have in common? According to research, they can all boost your workout in a major way. Visualize kicking butt. When it comes to getting your body in …


6 Morning Habits for a Happier, Healthier Day

It’s never easy to overhaul your routine…especially your precious snooze button time. But these six morning habits can have some amazing effects all day long. Keeping reading to find out how you can u…


The Top 3 Diseases That Kill Women (and 13 Ways to Prevent Them)

Do you know which health conditions women in the United States are most likely to die from? The answer may surprise you. Keep reading to find out—and in honor of Women’s Health Week, learn what preven…


The Bad News About Fruit (Plus, the 10 Worst Offenders)

Think reaching for an apple will reduce your junk food cravings? Not necessarily. Many of us try to choose nutrient-packed fruit over empty calories when we’re craving sweets. But, if you’re snacking …


6 Health Benefits of Tequila

If you’re thinking of celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a tequila cocktail this year, keep reading—it turns out that the agave plant that tequila comes from has some potential health benefits.   …


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