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articles by: Diane MacEachern

Are You Eating Microplastics With Your Salmon Filet?

Want some microplastic with your salmon dinner? Probably not. But since the plastic is so tiny, you might not even know it's there. That could be a problem, since microplastic contains concentrated…


What Do Oil Spills and Laxatives Have in Common?

You guessed it: another nasty chemical. It's also the same chemical used to mix the ingredients in soda. Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate, or DOSS, is used to disperse oil when there's a major oil spill.…


9 Ways Climate Change is Making Us Sick

And five ways we can protect ourselves... Yes, climate change is causing hurricanes, droughts and making sea level rise. But it's also making us sick. Illnesses related to a warming planet are on t…


Are You Eating Hidden PFASs? Why You Need to Stop ASAP.

PFASs are probably one of the nastiest toxic substances you've never heard of—but might be ingesting trace amounts almost every day. PFASs stands for poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances. They're an…


Do You Hate Styrofoam? Here’s How to Ban It in Your City

Do you love getting takeout food or a cup of coffee, but hate it when it's served in Styrofoam? Take heart from communities on both coasts. Washington, D.C., Seattle, Washington, Takoma Park, MD an…


What Causes Shark Attacks?

A recent spate of shark attacks in North Carolina has put millions of beach-goers on edge. But shouldn't sharks be the ones that are terrified of people? Consider this: On average, sharks att…


9 Ways You Can Help Save Sharks Today

Sharks need your help. Researchers guess that humans kill between twenty and thirty million sharks every year. Other studies suggest an even higher number: 100 million. Though sharks have survived …


9 Reasons Why We Need Sharks

Sharks are good. In fact, life in the oceans and even on earth would not be nearly so productive if it weren't for sharks. Shark attacks generate sensational headlines and provoke the irrational ur…


Sick of Phony Shark Films? Watch These Instead.

Discovery channel's Shark Week has come under fire that last few years for their sensationalist shark coverage. Chris Palmer, an award winning documentary filmmaker and the author of Confessions of…


Could We Use Sex Chemicals — Rather Than Toxic Ones — to Protect Our Food?

Can chemicals that turn bugs on replace those that kill them? That's what farmers who use conventional pesticides are trying to figure out. If they succeed, it will be good news for people as well …


about Diane MacEachern

Diane MacEachern is a best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur and mother of two with a Master of Science degree in Natural Resources and the Environment. Glamour magazine calls her an “eco hero” and she recently won the “Image of the Future Prize” from the World Communications Forum, but she’d rather tell you about the passive solar house she helped design and build way back when most people thought “green” was the color a building was painted, not how it was built. She founded because she’s passionate about inspiring consumers to shift their spending to greener products and services to protect themselves and their families while using their marketplace clout to get companies to clean up their act. Send her an email at

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I don't like dairy (and have problems drinking it) and I have concerns for the welfare of the cows s…