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Daily Cute: Cat and Cow Shamelessly in Love

This cat and cow seem like they could spend all day nuzzling. Love cares not about the size difference between these two, just about the size of their love. The cat even gets a little cow tongue bath …


Daily Cute: The First 21 Days of a Bee’s Life

Okay, so it's not the cutest per se, but with the world's population of bees growing frighteningly scarce, it's more and more important for us to witness the biology of bees starting from the very…


Daily Cute: Greyhound Drags His Bed to Last Sunny Spot in the House

Why settle for mediocrity when you can have all the sunshine and comfort you want? Watch this pup, who knows what he wants, drag his bed to the comfiest and warmest place in the house. Now, that's a…


Animated Dog Realizes China’s Dog Meat Market Could Cost Him His Life (Video)

This is the illustrated diary of Ping Pong, a stray dog in Beijing whose life dramatically changed. He found out that some people in China actually eat dogs, and he, understandably, was extremely …


Daily Cute: The Pegasus Project Honors a Sick Great Dane Puppy

When Dave rescued Pegasus, he was told she wouldn't live very long. He decided to film her every single day since he didn't know how much time he had to spend with her. Watch this beautiful compilat…


Daily Cute: Confused Puppy Barks at His Very First Hiccups

The look on this puppy's face will melt any heart. Watch this little one get the hiccups for the first time. He's not very happy with the strange intruders, but we're pretty happy with the extra cut…


Morphine Around the World (Infographic)

Imagine being in pain, and then denied the basic right to access medical relief. Many countries grant easy access to palliative care. This is sadly not the case everywhere. Many places fear opioids li…


Daily Cute: Brazilian Animal Shelter Slams Pet Stores in One Short Clip

When pets stand behind a glass wall, waiting to be sold to a good home, we forget the value of a life all-too-easily. Pets aren't a commodity--in fact, there is absolutely no reason to put a price t…


Daily Cute: Monkey Adopts Orphaned Kittens as if They Are Her Own

We know how strong motherly instincts are in the animal kingdom, but we never get tired of seeing a caring animal adopt babies from an entirely different species. Watch this loving monkey take care …


Daily Cute: Dog Beside Herself When Reunited with Original Family

Cayenne the dog is beautifully reunited with her original family, and she is beside herself with joy. Watch the pure happiness of a "found dog" moment caught on camera. Related Can Your Depress…


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