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Have You Hugged Your Chicken Today? (Video)

Sometimes, watching a pure moment of unadulterated love is all we need. Watch this child embrace a chicken -- yes, a chicken -- for a wonderful and long hug. Related Are Chickens Smarter Than …


Mustache Cat Doesn’t Want to Be Kissed (Video)

Don't kiss that cat, you'll mess up his mustache! Watch this boxer-in-training fend off his pet parent's kisses. Related Little Fluffy Kitten Kisses Woman's Face (Video) Dog & Dolphin Kiss …


Daily Cute: Kitten Chooses Dalmatian Over Mom

This 3-week-old kitten is getting pretty friendly with the Dalmatian. Watch him choose the dog over his own mom during a play time crawl. But, of course, only after the kitten plays with his own fee…


Daily Cute: Baby Steals Treat from Dog

This tot is too young to understand what dog treats mean to a hungry pup. Watch her innocently snatch a treat from the family german shepherd while her dad teaches her how to share. Their dog is suc…


Daily Cute: Bat Dog Has Wings for Ears

This little pup has the funniest control over his pointed ears. Watch him move them up and down like wings every time he reacts to sound. Related 5 Pet First Aid Tricks You Can Do At Home 30 Bo…


Top 5 Pledges to Make for Earth Day

With Earth Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to reassess our habits and look for ways to be more eco-friendly by cutting back on waste and energy consumption. And what better place t…


Daily Cute: Dog Joins Children on Merry-Go-Round

This pup tried out something bizarre: he joined the kids on their merry-go-round. With his smile on, his tongue out, and his body at ease, he looks like a natural! Watch this dog master play time li…


Daily Cute: German Shepherd Sings

Ok, so we're not entirely sure if this dog is singing or protesting. Not all pet parents have the best singing voice! Watch this pup join in every time his pet parent starts to sing a tune. Relat…


Strategies to Beat Back the Work Blues (Infographic)

Feel like the weekend is eons away? Or that the work week goes by in a stressed-out, menial haze? You're hardly alone 40 percent of people do not feel like they have a satisfying work-life balance. …


Cats Forget to Put Tongues Back in Their Mouths (Video)

Cats are not known for being slobbery goofballs like their canine counterparts. That's why it looks pretty silly when a cat not only sticks his or her tongue out, but then forgets about it! Relat…


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