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How to Grill the Perfect Holiday Turkey

For many people, the holidays mean a house full of family and a small kitchen putting out a lot of food. One problem never fails to arise in this scenario. Most houses only have one oven, so it become…


Kangaroo Thinks He’s a Dog. Clearly Just in it for the Treats (Video)

This dog and kangaroo have one important thing in common: they will do anything for a treat. It's funny how tasty rewards unite all animals... Related Dog Runs in His Teddy Bear Suit & It's Amaz…


Cutest Nap Times Starring Babies & Their Pets (Video)

The most peaceful nap times usually involve a dog or cat. Add a baby to the mix, and we're sold. You can see the love clearly as dogs and cats curl up closely to the smallest pet parents of the hou…


The Most Gentle Pit Bull Rescue You’ll Ever See (Video)

This abandoned pit bull is obviously terrified. Watching her transform from fearful to loving and gentle is worth pressing play on this heartwarming animal rescue. Related 10+ Things You Never …


What if We All Became Vegetarians? (Infographic)

We don't need to all dive head-first into a raw vegan diet. However, posing this question helps us determine the mathematical impact red meat, poultry and cheese--yes, even cheese--have on our planet.…


How to Create an Effective Care2 Petition: Writing The Letter & Getting Signatures

This is the second post in a series of five explaining the ins and outs of creating a petition: from what to write in your petition text to advanced promotion and activism techniques. This series is a…


Squirrel Steals GoPro Camera & Takes it Up a Tree (Video)

Don't let the cuteness fool you. This future film-director is a current moocher. Since he eventually released the camera--returning it to the protagonist--all is forgiven! Related Ferret Playtim…


Pit Bull’s Creative Solution to His Very Strange Fear (Video)

Queso the pit bull isn't logical, but at least he's creative. He's deeply afraid of walking through doorways. His way of dealing with his fears? We'll give you a hint: it isn't conquering them. …


Cat in a Bag–Caption This Cute Photo!

What do you think is going on here? Think of a funny, heartwarming, or clever caption, and tell us in the comments! We’ll feature our 5 favorite captions this week. In addition, the author of the t…


The Ultimate Guide to Apple Picking

The crunch of fallen leaves, muted blooms of mums, and flickering lights of carved jack-o-lanterns are all autumn mainstays. The abundance of apples is also another welcome sign of fall. Although appl…


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