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Daily Cute: Adopted Kitten Bonds With Cat

After finding an abandoned kitten in a field near their house, Andreas and Filiz decided to bring it home. Everyone seemed to be pleased with the new family member, particularly the house cat. …


Pygmy Sloths in the Caribbean (video)

The pygmy sloth is an extremely rare type of sloth only found in one place in the world—an island off the coast of Panama. Researcher Bryson Voirin at the California Academy of Sciences are doing rese…


Daily Cute: Tiny Hamster’s Tiny BBQ

Tiny hamster is feeling festive this year! Throwing a tiny BBQ for his friends is a lot of work. Luckily there are humans to hire for BBQing and organizing a tiny fireworks show. div.image_share ul…


Daily Cute: Turtle Chase

This turtle has finally found its match. When did a high speed chase ever occur with one of the racers wearing a diaper and one with a hard shell? It's safe to say this might be the only time. div.…


Daily Cute: Kitten Adopts Cameraman

This cameraman is just trying to do his job, when he is suddenly adopted by a small orange kitten. Worse things have happened on the job. Related Should We Let Pandas Go Extinct? 5 Foods That…


Daily Cute: Love is Love

The celebration of love is one that never dies. The penguins know it, along with the lions and swans of the world. The only ones a little slow on the uptake are us humans—but we're making steps to red…


Should We Let Pandas Go Extinct? (video)

With the 6th mass extinction in full swing, we as humans are being faced with a lot of complicated, unpleasant questions. Which animals do we save and which do we let die off? Raise your hand if you'r…


Husky Dreams About Licking

Puppy dreams about his first ice cream cone. div.image_share ul.care2_blog_sidebar { display: none; } Related 15 Surprising Uses For Bananas How I Got Rid of Menopause Symptoms How to Help Ki…


Daily Cute: Baby Goat Musical Chairs

What's cuter than baby goats? Baby goats playing musical chairs on stumps instead of chairs and jumping all over each other. Yeah that's the cutest. div.image_share ul.care2_blog_sidebar { display:…


DIY Cooling Spray For Sweaty, Summer Days

Good grief, it is difficult to keep one’s beauty game on point during the summer. If it’s not summer storms, then it’s face-melting heat, or it’s hair-destroying humidity. How is it possible for the w…


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I can't say I spend a LOT of time thinking about this, but it makes sense as long as they're happy. …

Adoption is always the best option. If you're looking to adopt a cat this is a very good article. Th…

I have been in a "throw out " mood lately. It is a slow process.

In answer to your FIVE comments, Jeanne R: "The project not only allows humans and whales to crea…