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Heroic Pit Bull Saves Boy from Potentially Deadly Bee Attack (Video)

A boy was stung by bees at least 24 times after accidentally stepping into a rotten log. Hades the pit bull dragged little Jesse-Cole by his pants, away from the bee swarm. She then let Jesse-Cole c…


Falling Asleep on the Job — Caption Contest Winners!

Last week, we asked you to caption Nani the cat, all the way from Honolulu, Hawaii. Care2 member Judie B. explains that Nani loves to wait for her in this strange spot while Judie gets ready in the mo…


Micro Pig Absolutely Loves Tummy Rubs (Video)

Who wants to see a micro pig getting tummy rubs? Um, everyone! Watch this little stinker get unlimited pets (and give back unlimited snorts). Related Want to Give Up Bacon? Pet a Pig Baby Goat …


Dog & Parrot in Fierce Competition Over Last Bite of Yogurt (Video)

We'd hate to see what happens when there's only one slice of pizza left ... Watch these animal friends share snack time not so gracefully, but pretty adorably. There's no room for manners when there…


Orfey the Kitten Falling Asleep While Playing (Video)

Life is hard. Take a break and watch the most disgustingly cute kitten break the cute barometer by falling asleep mid paw-swoop during playtime. Related 32 Reasons Cats Are Born Yoga Masters T…


Dog Says, ‘Yes, I Ate The Tissue & I’m Sorry’ (Video)

Maple, like many dogs and cats, just can't enough of chewing up tissues. This time Maple was caught red-pawed. The result? One very vocal confession and, what we believe to be a recorded apology! Wa…


What’s Cuter Than This Duckling? Absolutely Nothing (Video)

This little duckling is very active. Watch him go about his day, turning an ordinary routine into an extraordinary clip of cuteness. Related They Worried This Cat Would Kill Ducklings. Instead, …


Dog Blows Bubbles in Swimming Pool (Video)

The winner for most random dog trick in the book goes to this cute pup, Diesel. He loves to blow bubbles in the swimming pool! Wash him practice his bubble-blowing skills with his pet parent. Re…


Little French Bulldog & Cat Play-Wrestle (Video)

What an adorable pair. Watch some cute puppy-kitty playtime as this enthusiastic dog decides to make the cat his new best friend. Related Husband & French Bulldog Have a Dance-Off (Video) Frenc…


French Bulldog Dramatically Leaps for Love (Video)

It's a bird, it's a plane ... No, it's a french bulldog. Watch this cutie soar through the air into his pet parent's arms with a lovable plop. He's such a character! Related Husband & French…


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