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Cats Forget to Put Tongues Back in Their Mouths (Video)

Cats are not known for being slobbery goofballs like their canine counterparts. That's why it looks pretty silly when a cat not only sticks his or her tongue out, but then forgets about it! Relat…


Abused Cow Adopted by the Dog Community (Video)

Milkshake the bovine cow was removed from an abusive owner by a California rescue organization. Milkshake hadn't had much contact with cows before her rescue. So, she's doing the only logical thing:…


Daily Cute: Funny Dogs Annoying Cats

Usually, cats wear the pants in the family. But, oh how the tables have turned! Watch this hilarious compilation of dogs that simply refuse to bow down to felines. These dogs are ready to play, and …


Daily Cute: German Shepherd and Cat Are in Love

This cat and dog relationship caught on tape is one of the most feel-good moments we've seen in a long time. Watch this motherly german shepherd give his content cat friend a bath and a hug. Rela…


Daily Cute: Rescue Pugs Take Over the Beach

Watch these rescue pugs frolic on the beach thanks to Pug Rescue Australia. It's one of the happiest dog music videos we've ever seen. We're so thankful these little dogs are finally experiencing ep…


How to Get Back to Sleep in the Middle of the Night (Infographic)

If you can sleep through an entire night without waking up once, consider yourself lucky. For many of us with pets, kids or sensitive ears, unwelcome interruptions mid-slumber are nightly occurrences.…


Daily Cute: Dog Helps Do the Laundry

This pup is making dog owners everywhere jealous. Watch him help load the washing machine like it's no big deal! Related 6 Pet Health Myths You May Have Fallen For Daily Cute: Cute Animals Waki…


Daily Cute: Cute Animals Waking Each Other Up

When one pet wants to nap and the other wants to play, who do you think wins? We can say one thing: these are the cutest alarm clocks we've ever seen! Related 7 Surprising Ways to Use Pet Hair …


A Day in the Life of a Hedgehog (Video)

This little hedgehog has a great life with a loving pet parent. One of his favorite activities is hanging out with a fluffy dog because he gets to sleep in the pup's -- his "big brother's" -- fur. W…


Cat Shamelessly Slurps Sink Water (Video)

Don't you always sit inside your drinking fountain? Of course. We do too. Watch this funny cat slurp water like nobody's business! Related These Hardcore Dudes Are Not Your Average 'Cat Ladie…


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