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Does This Cat Look Comfortable? Caption Contest Winners!

Last week, we asked you to caption this cat's gymnastic nap position, from Care2 member Ruth. First, the grand prize winner, who will receive 5,000 Butterfly Rewards for her clever caption: "AA…


Doberman & Baby Play Hide & Seek (Video)

Seeing a giant dog and a tiny baby have this much fun together is truly spirit-lifting. Watch these two through a fit of pure-happiness giggles. Related Chicken Forces Doberman to Share His Food…


Cats Stuck in Shirt Sleeves (Video)

Cats are super smart. Except for long-sleeved shirts ... They still haven't figured that one out. Related 5 Crazy Cat Anatomy Facts 8 Ways to Make Your Senior Cat Happy When Cats Sit on Glas…


When Life Gives You Lemons, Fight Them (Video)

This cat refuses to trust a lemon wedge. Watch a cute cat's kung foo moves on what he knows to be a sour trick. Related Cats Going Extinct: 12 Most Endangered Feline Species 24 Common Plants Po…


Giant Men Hold Kittens for the First Time (Video)

These men didn't like kittens. They do now. Watch these little kitties bring out a "maternal" instinct in three very disinterested and reluctant men. No one hates kittens! If they claim they do, a…


Jaguar & Dog Absolutely Love Each Other (Video)

Bullet and Jag are best friends at this lovely animal sanctuary. When Jag grew up to be a big cat, the handlers separated him from Bullet for safety reasons. After Jag cried all night and Bullet sto…


Cute Orphaned Orangutan Rescued from Life on a Leash (Video)

A well-meaning farmer took in this orphaned baby orangutan, but he didn't know how to care for her. Watch her get rescued for the second and final time, as this cutie is taken away to a proper rescu…


French Bulldog Loves Being Tummy Tickled (Video)

Maggie the happy french bulldog makes the cutest face and funniest noise when her tummy's tickled. Watch this really funny clip of Maggie's reaction to a simple game. Related French Bulldog Pupp…


Is Your Cat Becoming Just Like You? (Video)

Cats can do a better job at acting human than, well ... humans. Watch these very comfy, loving and funny kitties do have some people-like moments. Related If Your Human Friends Acted Like Cats …


Cat Alarm Clocks Are So Annoying. And So Cute (Video)

Are you a morning person? Well, that's too bad because your cat seriously doesn't care. We have to give some of these cat alarm clocks credit for at least being creative! Watch at 2:40 to see our …


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great article, thank you!

Just bought some Raspberries ..... gotta love fruit !

Thanks for sharing. I know that many parents are afraid of keeping dog when babies have just come to…

I'd also argue that a species that RETURNS after a glacial age is not, technically, "invasive."

I have a couple of flashlights that I have to crank to power up. We keep them around for emergencie…