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A Female Guide to Solo Travel (Infographic)

Traveling alone is an experience that teaches you a lot, both about yourself and about the world. Being solo can open doors that you may not have otherwise opened. It's easier to keep your eyes open t…


Daily Cute: Cat ‘Blesses’ Owner Each Time She Sneezes

Each time Lizzie's owner sneezes, or even pretends to sneeze, the polite kitty responds with a little mew. Perhaps this is her way of saying "bless you." Watch the video to see Lizzie's good manners f…


Daily Cute: This Guy May Be This Cat’s Favorite Person Ever

Even though his friend adopted the little kitty, it's the same story every night for these two. Whenever Halim is making his coffee at night, his feline friend takes it as an invitation to cuddle up. …


Daily Cute: Kitten Escapes and Mother Congratulates Him

These two Dollface Persian kitties know no bounds. Instead of letting a gate stop them, Sophie shows her kitten, Joey, how to hop the fence. She rewards his efforts with cuddles and kisses as soon as …


Daily Cute: Corgi Puppy Faces the Stairs

Stairs can certainly be daunting to us humans after a tough workout, but imagine if each step was as big as you are. That's what this tiny Corgi puppy is facing when he attempts to go down the stairs.…


Daily Cute: Dog Complains About Performing Tricks

This sassy Newfoundland dog, Sebastien, argues with his owner about performing a few tricks. Who knew that complaining could be so adorable? Check back daily for more adorable animal videos.…


Daily Cute: Lost Dogs Who Found Their Way Home

Some of these dogs were missing for months, some for years. No matter how long the time spent away from home, these dogs are welcomed back with open arms and lots of tears. Check back daily for…


Daily Cute: Dog Hilariously Obsessed with Popping Bubbles

Dogs are definitely playful companions, but some of them are quirky too. This two-year-old Border Collie/Shetland Sheepdog Marley absolutely loves popping bubbles and won't stop until he gets each one…


Daily Cute: Smart Dog Learns to Ring Bell for Treats

Pavlov might have conditioned dogs to salivate at the ring of a bell, but this pup is taking it one step further. Instead of just associating a ringing bell with delicious treats, he actually rings th…


Daily Cute: Dog Won’t Fetch But Boy Loves Him Anyways

Although this dog doesn't want to fetch despite his young friend's intentions, he still gets lots of love from the little boy. Check out the video to see an adorable friendship. Check back dail…


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