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Enthusiastic Cat–Caption Contest Winners!

Last week, we asked you to caption Neko the kitty, from Care2 member Stephanie T. First, the grand prize winner, who will receive 5,000 Butterfly Rewards for her clever caption: "GOOOOOOOOOOAA…


Dachshund Doesn’t Need You to Play Fetch With Him (Video)

This gadget is a great way to cure your pet's boredom. Watch this dachshund happily play fetch with an automatic thrower. This way, when pet parents have their hands full, the pup of the house can s…


Cutest Puppy Tries His Best to Climb the Stairs (Video)

This pup teaches us all a lesson in perseverance. Watch this little guy make it up two sets of staircases, with a few cute slip-ups along the way. Related The Pet Obesity Epidemic Dog Doesn't C…


Bulldog Just Can’t Handle This Awesome Outdoor Shower (Video)

We would definitely invite this dog to our pool party. Watch this chunky cutie get super ecstatic about an outdoor shower, pancake-flipping with a smile in pure, H20 bliss! Related Husband & Fr…


Amazing Footage of Therapy Dog Helping Small Boy Heal

A head-on collision left this little boy nearly immobile and hardly aware of his surroundings. This friendly, soft and heroic golden retriever accelerated the patient's healing process. Physical the…


Does Your Partner Drive You Crazy? It’s in the Genes

Having different personality types affects your relationship more than you realize. Are you like me? In a relationship with someone vastly different from you? Whenever I am planning a trip, I star…


Kitten’s Sister Picks on Her. Her Defense is Excellent (Video)

This kitten decided the best offense is a good defense. When her sister play fights her, she decides on the most believable playing dead act we've ever seen. Related 10 Things Your Pet Won't Te…


Stray Cat Guides Blind & Deaf Dog Friend Through Life (Video)

This blind and partially deaf dog has an "unbreakable bond" with a friendly cat. What makes this pair so amazing? The cat guides Tervel the pup around, acting as his eyes, ears and best friend. Wa…


40 Lessons from People Over 60

If you're feeling blue today, look no further. These quotes are inspiring, thought-provoking and uplifiting. The best part? Each wise line is from an established and compassionate person over 60. We'v…


Koalas: Even When They Fight, It’s Cute (Video)

Did you know koalas sounded like this? We didn't. We also learned that even koalas have the occasional lover's quarrel. Related Red Panda Loves Snow (Video) Top 10 Ways to Help Elephants 8 Fie…


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