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Loyal Dog Stays By Dead Owner’s Side for 23 Days (Video)

A missing man was found in his crashed pickup truck, but he wasn't alone. Rescue workers discovered Jimmy's body 23 days later. His dog BeBe, a small Maltese who followed him everywhere, stayed by…


Toe-Licking Cat Causes Uncontrollable Laughter (Video)

This will cheer you up, no matter what. Pet cats are oddly known for waiting outside of shower doors, licking extra moisture up from said shower and now, licking baby toes right after bath time. It'…


Dog Faints from Excitement & Love Toward Owner (Video)

When a family member returns from Slovenia after two years, this dog literally faints from happiness. Watch a moment of pure joy as this pet dog is reunited with family. Don't worry, this dog was…


Baby Stroller Saves Dogs from Hot Asphalt — Caption This Cute Photo!

What do you think is going on here? Think of a funny, heartwarming, or clever caption, and tell us in the comments! We'l feature our 5 favorite captions this week. In addition, the author of the to…


Rescued African Leopard Purrs During Massage (Video)

Voodoo was intended to be a house pet when a family with two Rottweilers purchased him. He was rescued, and at 5-months-old this African spotted leopard came to Cedar Cove. Even though Voodoo was de…


Ugly Fruits & Veggies: Why They Matter (Video)

This French grocery store just started doing what every grocery store should be doing: selling produce that is edible. This means selling produce that doesn't fit into the manicured expectation of a…


Watch This Kitten Attack a (Ceramic) Kitten

Have you ever fought with your shadow, your reflection ... an art piece of yourself? Intruders come in all shapes, sizes and art forms. Watch this very cute kitten go nuts when he glimpses another k…


Tiny 2-Legged Chihuahua Uses Wheelchair Made of Toys (Video)

This video captures what Turbo the chihuahua looked like before he received his mini wheelchair. Check out the photos below for some cute selfies and post-wheelchair success! …


The Science Behind Gift-Giving (Infographic)

If you've ever wondered why giving someone the perfect gift (or even receiving one) makes you feel good, the answer is the science behind it. Neurological research suggests the good feeling of giving …


Adorable Pugs Dance for Dinner (Video)

This Care2 employee doesn't just love "making a difference," he loves pug dance performances, too. But seriously, who wouldn't love the adorable ballerina twirls this enthusiastic pug performs right…


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that is the sweetest funniest thing,that cat ;loves it's baby

So happy the cop shot himself, police officers are too gun happy in killing dogs without giving the …

The cooler the room, the better the sleep. I turn down my A/C a few degrees before I go to bed. It r…