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More Marine Mammals Potentially Hurt by Navy

In a new study, the U.S. Navy has said their use of explosives and sonar in ocean waters could cause over 1,600 cases of hearing loss or other injuries to marine mammals in a single year. They also sa…


Aerial Wolf Hunt Halted in Alaska

Last week, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game decided to put the planned aerial shooting of wild wolves on hold for at least one year. It had been approved by the Alaska Board of Game in January …


Spring Warning: Leave Wild Animals Alone

Pennsylvania Game Commission officials have published a timely alert meant for residents of their state, but the message applies wherever there are wild animals. Their main point is that during spring…


Eating While Driving Worse Than Drinking

Researchers from the University of Leeds have conducted a study of driver distractions and found some surprising results. Though many may believe drunk driving to be more dangerous than eating while d…


What Is Your Dog Thinking?

If you have ever wondered what your dog was thinking, you were right to believe they experience thought processes, says a new study. Currently in the initial phase, dog brain scans are being conducted…


Dolphins Help Fisherman Catch Fish

Dolphins continue to astound us with their behaviors and abilities. A recent study followed a group of wild bottlenose dolphins in Laguna, Brazil that have shown a unique talent - they help local fish…


New Vegetarian Options for Cruise Ships

Holland America's 15 cruise ships are adding a new, all-vegetarian menu, as well as 30 new vegetarian dishes to their existing dining options. Some of the new dishes will be vegan as well. Both vegeta…


Pit Bull Owners to Be Held Responsible for Attacks

The Maryland Court of Appeals has ruled that pit bull owners will be liable for attacks by their dogs. Their ruling has changed the legal landscape for pit bull owners in Maryland, because previously …


51 Schools Get Solar Power

An entire school district will soon be using solar power to operate their many school buildings and electrical devices. They will be getting 90 percent of their electricity from solar panels and over …


500,000 Chickens Perish in Farm Fire

About half a million chickens died on an egg farm near Roggen, Colorado at Moark Hatcheries. Three large buildings used to house hens were destroyed. No people were harmed, but the damage is extensive…


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