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articles by: Janet Garey

Saved By the Belle

Our friend, author, and Care2 member Janet Garey passed away on Dec. 31, 2009. This is her final post, submitted during the holidays. I've been holding on to this post – in a way to hold on to Janet –…


Kitten Smitten

It was the worst day ever. A recent university graduate and single mother of a three-year-old, I had just moved to a tiny Nashville apartment and was about to begin my first "real" job as a reporte…


Christmas Quiz Contest

One evening last week, I was sitting on the old rocker, delicate, hand-knitted afghan (not my clumsy fingers, but somebody with talent and an eye for tasteful design) tucked over my denimed lap, w…


A Very Garey Christmas

When I was a very young child, I was baffled, bewildered, mesmerized and amazed by the whole "holiday" experience. From the moment Santa waved in my direction at the end of the Macy's parade to the …


Bathing Baxter

Parental Warning: The following article contains violence. Be assured that no small mammals were harmed during the process; the same cannot be said for the large one. Baxter is a formerly feral, mo…


Sickly Saturday

A-CHOO!-Sniffle-Sniffle-Hack-Hack-Wheeeeeeze... Nana Janet was in day four of dealing with the plain, ordinary common cold that's been running rampant through the 'hood; I was feeling miserable f…


The Cat-astrophic Cat-alyst

It's been nearly six years since that dreadful night, but to this day I still can't catch the slightest whiff of smoke without reliving the moments that nearly drove my world asunder. My daughter, …


Don’t Let It Be Forgot

Saturday, June 22, 1961 Hanging over the balcony rail of New York's Majestic Theater was an almost 12-year-old girl falling deeply, passionately in love for the very first time. Tales of the bro…


Sex, Drugs and Free Love

SEX! DRUGS! ROCK N ROLL! Are you paying attention? TUNE IN! TURN ON! DROP OUT! Did these words catch your attention? How about... MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR! Welcome to the Love Generation, a…


Itty Bitty Kitty

"Don't get too attached to this one," the veterinarian candidly advised, cradling the minuscule dollop of barely-there fuzz in her cupped palm. "I've never seen one so tiny survive more than a few day…


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