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Cat Intrigued by Mist (Video)

This cat is quite attracted to the mist that is shooting out of this water vaporizer. He spends about a minute or so trying to figure out how and why this mist is present. The cat puts his face up to …


Cats Enjoy Snow Cave (Video)

The white snow brings these two cats great happiness. They both sit in a snow hole, content and relaxed, enjoying the fresh air. Related: Cat Fascinated by Snow (Video) Dogs Love Snow (Video)…


Kimo Loves Fofo (Video)

This white, American Eskimo dog named Kimo can't keep his paws or tongue off Fofo the cat. His continuous licking suggests that true love exists between these two animals. Related: Dog Falls f…


Pug Sticks Tongue Out (Video)

Eight-year-old pug named Mowgli here has one long, wide, pink tongue and he loves to let it hang out of his mouth. He must be proud of what he has, so why not show it off? Related: Where's the…


Bulldog Imitating Elephant (Video)

When Fred the bulldog hears the sound of an elephant on TV, he quickly takes notice and howls back, attempting to imitate the exact sound of the animal. Related: Bulldog Kisses Orangutan (Vide…


Dog Picks Up 3 Tennis Balls (Video)

This yellow lab named Zoe manages to fit three tennis balls in her mouth. Now that is impressive! Related: Sheep Thinks He's a Dog (Video) Bird Feeds Dog (Video) Does your Dog Watch TV?…


Scaredy Cat (Video)

This precious kitten named Conan is afraid of some type of object. Watch to see what type of object makes him arch his back and hide alongside the wall. Related: Dog Scared of Cat Funny Bar…


Cats Share Some Love (Video)

What a loving relationship these cats have here. They exchange kisses to show their strong adoration for each other. Related: Mom Cat Love (Video) Cat Loves Mouse Friend (Video) Cats Love Wa…


Prairie Dog Family (Video)

Check out these charismatic, rabbit-like prairie dogs. This family of five likes to lounge together and it looks like they enjoy each others company throughout the day. Related: Laughing Prair…


Cat vs. Water Bottle (Video)

William is attempting to get something out of this Nalgene water bottle, but it takes him about 50 seconds to realize that this attempt didn't work. Something must have caught his eye when he observed…


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