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articles by: Katie Waldeck

7 Typical Homes Around the World

Your home says a lot about you -- and a lot about your culture and the environment that surrounds you. From mobile tents to ritual-laden rooms, read on for some of the most unique features of homes ar…


6 Things Your Knees Say About Your Health

Your knees: you need 'em to get around—and when they hurt, boy do they interfere with your daily life. Many of the most common causes of knee pain are pretty obvious—injury, arthritis, g…


11 Surprising Uses for Salt Water

Over two-thirds of our planet is covered in the stuff—so it makes sense that people have discovered so many different ways to use salt water to tackle problems. From cleaning tricky spills and stains …


11 Surprising Uses for Fruit Peels

Even the compost doesn't need your fruit peels. From perfect roses to soothed skin, read on for some of the most surprising problems you can solve with fruit peels. Home & Garden 1. Poli…


Daily Cute: Cats Cuddle During Nap

Aww, isn't this the cutest? An adult cat is cuddling with a kitten during their naptime! Related: Cat Gives Hugs (Video) Cat Teaches Dog to Roll Over (Video) Cats Play Game (Video)…


6 Surprising Myths About Obesity

We hear all the time about the obesity epidemic in the United States. Fat is equated to sickness, obesity kills, the trappings of modern life are leading to an epidemic—you get the picture. But, hold …


8 Surprising Signs of Diabetes

The symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes usually appear in subtle ways. In fact, it's typical for people in the early stages of the disease to not realize there's something wrong for about 5 years before they'…


8 Biggest Myths About Mental Health

Nearly a quarter of people experience some form of mental illness in their lifetimes. With rates that high, you might think that there wouldn't be as much stigma attached to it. But so much of what ma…


5 House Plants That Don’t Need Much Water

Whether you're a diehard water conservationist or you just, well, forget sometimes, there are plenty of advantages to owning plants that don't need a lot of watering. You save time, you save resources…


5 Foods That Are Healthier Cooked

You'd be forgiven if you thought that raw is always healthier than cooked. For many fruits and vegetables that's certainly the case, but it's not always the case. Cooking some vegetables actually brea…


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Katie is a freelance writer focused on pets, food and women’s issues. A Chicago native and longtime resident of the Pacific Northwest, Katie now lives in Oakland, California.

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