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articles by: Laura Garnett

Define Your Zone of Genius (Video)

Do you feel lost or stuck in your professional life? Ever wonder what you should be "doing" in life? Watch this inspirational video about finding your "Zone of Genius." Knowing what you do that…


Want to Be Famous? Think Again

Do you want to be famous? Well you shouldn’t. Fame should be a surprise, not a goal. From the moment we are born we instinctively seek validation – it is a natural part of human self-discovery.  A…


Clarity: The First Step to Realizing Your Dreams

Clarity means being super clear on what it is that you want. This is step number one when starting to define your brand. What is your mission? What is it that you are selling? What is it that y…


The Magic of a Tony Robbins Event

I am passionate about creating ultimate experiences and I had an opportunity to attend an exclusive Platinum Member event that was hosted by Tony Robbins a year and a half ago. I was there to assist …


How to Be the Conductor of Your Life

As the saying goes, timing is everything. When it comes to finding the right support for your life or business challenges, the old adage couldn’t be more true. There are times when the right suppor…


Why the Right Support is a Key to Success

When was the last time you asked for help? I’ll wager it wasn’t recently, or if it was that you had literally no choice but to seek it out.  Don’t worry — most of us react this way. Unfortunate…


Why Being in Love Can Help You Succeed

Love can be an incredibly powerful enabler of professional and career success. It’s often said that “behind every great man there is a great woman,” and if you look closely, the reverse is also norm…


Think Your Way to Success

I have been preparing for an upcoming talk to Savor the Success next week discussing why women should bring more pleasure to their lives and businesses, and how doing so will impact their succe…


Please Mix Business With Pleasure!

You shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Or at least that’s what we’ve all been told. And with regard to office romances (which is a topic for another blog) it might even be true. But I want you to…


Sex and Success: Is There a Correlation?

There is great power in our sexuality. Perhaps that’s restating the obvious — from glossy seductive advertisements guiding our purchases to the trysts of the rich and powerful that change the cours…


about Laura Garnett

Laura Garnett helps service driven, small business owners get clear on what their unique brand essence is. She then helps them grow their businesses in a way that is right for them and makes them happier and more successful. She combines business with pleasure because happiness is a key to success. She also interviews inspiring people about their path to success.

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