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articles by: Lily Berthold-Bond

Green Girl Abides by Abundance

Four days ago, it was 50 degrees. People were walking around campus in shorts and T-shirts (a bit of an exaggeration, perhaps), studying outside on the just-thawed (and quite muddy) quad, and just in…


Green Girl Finds Solace in Fresh Supper

Though nearly March, it feels as though the northeast is experiencing a state of perpetual winter. Itís still cold. Itís still snowy. The days are still much too short. Right about now, Iím craving …


Green Girl Fabricates Fashion

Spring is in the air! Kind of. More like, Iím getting that "spring-ish" feeling that usually comes in February when the temperature rises above freezing. With said feeling, comes a very bad desire:…


Green Girl Galvanized by Green Musicians

This past Friday night, I went to an Andrew Bird concert. If you donít know him, you should start listening. Heís interesting because his main instrument is violin. Heíll play it like a guitar, reco…


Green Girl Plays Skin Deep

A couple of weeks ago (while still at home), I was in my townís local health food store with a friend who was visiting from college. She was looking at all of the hair and body products and commentin…


Green Girl Enthused by the Elliptical

This semester, I am a new woman. My friend and I, having both suffered relatively recent periods of stagnation and weight gain (me last year, her last semester), have determined to reform our habits.…


Green Girl Dresses the Dining Hall

Winter break is over, and my old lovely memories of the college dining situation are coming back. No more freshly made stir fries and fresh mozzarella dishes for dinner. Nope. Soggy cooked veggies …


Green Girl Sings Praises of Protein Smoothies

So, Iím a vegetarian. I think you may know that already, but if not, there it is. And one thing about vegetarians is that it is very difficult to get enough protein--and pretty much everything else …


Green Girl Takes from 2008 and Gives to 2009

I am currently looking out my kitchen window at the snow spiraling down, masking the world in white. The birds are swarming to the feeders; all of the other animals are holed up away from the storm.…


Green Girl Sneaks In Healthy Snacks

Itís that time of year again: College students are coming home in droves for the holidays. The past week or so, Iíve been getting mass text messages from my friends at home, all stating, ďWhen are yo…


about Lily Berthold-Bond

Lily Berthold-Bond grew up in a chemical-free zone and has struggled her whole life to understand and accept this non-commercial lifestyle. Now a freshman at Tufts University, she has embraced her green life and hopes to share its possibilities with the rest of her generation.

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