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articles by: Lisa Kaplan Gordon

Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Marshmallows

I always thought marshmallows had only two purposes in life: to float atop a mug of hot chocolate and to form a golden, gooey topping for sweet potato pie. Iíve sold marshmallows short. These sweet…


Here’s Why You Should Drink Organic Tea

Hereís a fun fact about commercial tea: The first time pesticides are washed off tea leaves is when you steep tea in your cup. To be fair, the amount of commercial pesticides in your cup is ďa very…


How to Save Money on Your Wedding and Prevent Divorce

Lada Gaga and millions more got engaged on Valentineís Day. Nowís the hard part Ė planning a wedding that youíll love but wonít break your budget. The cost of the average U.S. wedding is $30,000. B…


How to Peel an Orange and Other Genius Food Hacks

Food is life. So here are a baker's dozen hacks that make living with food easier and more economical. 1. Easy-slice Mandarin oranges: Slice off each end, make a small slice on top, and pull apart.…


How to Avoid Buying Fake Herbal Supplements

Some popular herbal supplements sold at chain retailers donít contain the herb they tout and contain other substances not labeled, according to DNA testing commissioned by New York Stateís attorney ge…


Donations Flood In For Detroit Man Who Commutes 21 Miles to Work — On Foot

At first, they seem like unlikely friends: James Robertson, a middle-aged, Detroit factory worker who couldnít afford a car to get to work; and Evan Leedy, 19, a computer student from Wayne State Univ…


The Right Clothes Can Help You Shed Pounds

When it comes to weight loss, you are what you Ö wear. Thatís right. Wearing certain clothes can help you shed pounds. And Iím not talking about binding yourself with cellophane or investing in hot…


Before the Vaccine: My Memory of Measles

My 88-year-old father still blames the Ringling Bros. for giving me the measles 50-some years ago. And the current Disneyland-linked outbreak bought back memories of that miserable time. I was four…


Green Cleaners Containing Ammonia Recalled

Two Mean Green cleaners are being recalled because they may contain ammonia, even though labels say they donít. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a recall of Mean Green Super Str…


How Frequently Should We Shower? ‘The View’ Sparks Debate

A how-much-is-too-much-showering debate recently was waged on the TV gabfest, ďThe View.Ē Resident Republican Nicolle Wallace revealed that she showers three times a day, provoking a how-white-of-you …


about Lisa Kaplan Gordon

Lisa Kaplan Gordon, creator of†, is an award-winning journalist, avid gardener and fly-fisher. She lives in Northern Virginia on a half acre that always needs weeding. Please visit her on Twitter (@kaplan_lisa) and Facebook (Lisa Kaplan Gordon)

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