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3 Steps To Fighting Climate Change In The Garden

Since starting my family 7 years ago, I’ve chosen to protect my children by ensuring their food is safe to eat. After all, it’s those small bodies that are most at risk from these toxins. From lettuce…


Why This Woman Never Suffers From Winter Cold In Her Home

Anyone who’s lived through this past harsh winter has learned the hard way what it costs to heat a home. At our house in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., we’ve caught a bit of a break. Not be…


Chemical-Free Carpets, Rugs and Pads

I still remember moving into my first college apartment. It was clean and brand-spanking new — with cushy, beige wall-to-wall carpeting that covered every square inch of the floors, including the bath…


Buying A New Car? Save Money, The Environment And Your Health

Are you in the market for a new car? As the 2014 models attest, you have more energy-efficient vehicles to choose from than ever before. They range from conventional cars sporting highly efficient eng…


Clean Air: Where You Live Matters

Nowadays, clean air seems elusive. This fact makes this mom furious. It wasn’t that long ago that I played with neighborhood kids in a quaint little area called Highland Acres in Bismarck, North Da…


Unsung Environmental Superheroes: Trees!

BY JUDITH A. ROSS When it comes to fighting air pollution and alleviating the impact of global warming, trees are superheroes. They absorb carbon dioxide and air pollutants, lower temperatures with…


Top 8 Toxic Health Stories Of 2013

As I reflect on 2013, with my kids shrieking joyfully in the background, I am reminded that massive change starts out slow. Back when I had my daughters in 2005 and 2007, we were just beginning to lea…


Is Climate Change Killing Christmas Trees?

Santa is hot and worried this holiday season. He is hot because our weather is changing thanks to climate change. And he’s worried that unregulated carbon pollution from power plants is making our wea…


Flame Retardants in Your Baby’s Crib Mattress? Here’s How to Avoid It

When my oldest son was born I remember the excitement surrounding furnishing and decorating his nursery. We went to a local baby furniture shop in Boston to search for the perfect crib and mattress. T…


How Fracking Can Harm Your Family

I was driving along Interstate 40, determined to reach Memphis before dark for a hot dinner and visit with relatives. My daughters were both restless in their booster seats, my youngest feeling ill. “…


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