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These Hardcore Dudes Are Not Your Average ‘Cat Ladies’

What do the metal bands Murder Construct, Morbid Angel, Cattle Decapitation and Napalm Death all have in common? Their members love cats. Metal Cats bookThe band names may be less than cuddly, but …


Why Half of U.S. States Have a Deadly Bat-Killing Disease

White-nose syndrome, a fungal disease that has killed 6 million American bats since 2006, was confirmed in two new U.S. states this week. Its arrival in Michigan and Wisconsin pushes the national tota…


How the ‘Mushroom Death Suit’ Breaks Down Your Body for Nature

For those interested in natural cemeteries, but not so fond of being buried, allow me to introduce you to the Mushroom Death Suit. The concept is the brainchild of artist and MIT research fellow Ja…


Which Meditation Technique is Right for You?

For a breakdown of some of the meditation techniques listed below, and exactly how to do them, the above below gives a good outline (skip to 1:10). The data is in, and meditation works; not only d…


Companies Now Tracking Employee Fitness: Healthy or Creepy?

As companies look to continue raising workers productivity levels (even though the US has the third-highest productivity in the world while wages have stagnated, sigh), they are turning to a surprisin…


The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Pee in the Pool

A scenario that you might be all too familiar with: You’re getting your cardio exercise on at the local pool — rec center, YMCA, country club, it doesn’t matter — and you swim through an alarmingly…


The Geep! Rare Goat-Sheep Hybrid Born in Ireland

Behold the geep in all of its goat-sheep glory in the video above! Irish sheep farmer Paddy Murphy noticed a goat mating with one of his white Cheviot sheep a while back, but thought little of it. …


Is Coconut a Cure-All? Some Experts Say Yes

Coconut trees are plentiful in the South Pacific, so it’s no surprise that resourceful islanders in Fiji have been using their bounty for thousand of years to eat, cook, soothe their skin, condition t…


Why Do Narwhals Have That Long Tusk?

The "unicorn of the sea," narwhals are among the most elusive and mysterious marine mammals. These Arctic whales are known for their trademark "horns" — and now scientists are getting closer to unders…


How to Treat Poison Ivy Naturally

The easiest way to ruin your day in the outdoors is to meet up with a thatch of poison ivy or poison oak. Skin contact with the leaves, stems and roots of these ubiquitous plants spells an itchy, blis…


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