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11 Animals More Likely To Kill You Than Sharks

Sharks are kinda scary. In the water they're faster than us, can appear from what seems like out of nowhere in an instant, and pack a pretty solid bite. It's easy to get nervous when you're in the d…


5 Reasons to Give Up Your Car

The average price for a new car as measured by TrueCar hit a record-breaking $31,252 last August, up $5,000 since 2013. And Consumer Reports says the average car today costs more than $9,100 a year to…


What Your Dog Says About Your Cancer Risk

A Labrador retriever could be just as effective at detecting cancer as a laboratory, according to ongoing studies that test dogs' abilities to sniff out cancer in patients. A recent study found tha…


5 Foods for Healthier Hair

Healthy hair doesn’t stop with the kind of shampoo you use or how often you wash your hair. It also includes your diet. Here are five foods that will help keep your hair healthy: 1. Blueberries: Bl…


21 Tips for Growing Cucumbers

Growing cucumbers is among the most popular activities in backyard vegetable gardens across the country. In fact, almost half of the nation’s home vegetable growers – 47 percent according to Susan Lit…


How to Find the Right LED Bulb

There's been a lot of change in a short period of time when it comes to light bulbs You may have made the switch to CFLs to cut your energy bills and been disappointed that the bulbs didn't last as lo…


Man Walks 2,000 Miles to Help Save Dogs

Luke Robinson and his two dogs recently set off on a 2,000-mile West Coast journey from Canada to Mexico — on foot. It's not the first time the 43-year-old and his dogs have trekked thousands of mi…


Drink From Your Book With This New Water Purifier

While over 3.4 million people die from water-borne diseases each year, the trouble is that the people who live in affected areas may have no idea that contaminated water is a problem. And even if they…


Top 20 U.S. Cities for Dog Owners

Ninety-one percent of U.S. pet owners consider their pets to be family members, and they treat them as such, spending time and money to ensure their furry friends are happy and healthy. Last year, …


Top 10 Greenest Hotels in the U.S.

Sustainable travel is picking up the pace in the U.S., with conscientious travelers not just staying in sustainable suites but also bringing eco-friendly habits with them from home. Last spring, TripA…


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