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articles by: Mel, selected from Natural Solutions magazine

6 Alternatives to Toxic Deodorants

By Natural Solutions Why most deodorants stink—and six alternatives that work. Of all our daily grooming habits, swiping a deodorant stick or squirting antiperspirant under our arms may be the on…


5 Easy to Grow Remedies

By Dorothy Foltz-Gray, Natural Solutions Luckily, you don’t have to head to landscaping school to create a medicinal garden. You don’t even need a backyard, since many healing plants do well in…


Best Bath for Your Skin Type

By Lindsey Galloway, Natural Solutions magazine Europeans have long known the true origin of the word spa: Aanitas per agua, or "health through water." Before facials and massages became synony…


10 Cancer Warning Signs in Pets

When the vet told me Max, our 11-year-old golden retriever, had advanced bone cancer, I was shocked. According to Donald D. Dodge, DVM, at the Jasper Animal Hospital in Lafayette, Colorado, my reactio…


Winter Paws and DIY Dog Booties

Crisp air and fresh snow can bring out the silly puppy in the most regal of Rovers. But ice and snow mixed with salt, sand, and chemical de-icers will ruin winter fun in short order. Dog boots (adorab…


The Emotions Behind Specific Body Aches

While most bodywork experts agree that tension and pain in the body are largely caused by how we move (or don't move enough) throughout the day, a growing number of practitioners cite emotional stress…


5 Safe Ways to Lighten Age Spots

By Deirdre Shevlin Bell, Natural Solutions Aging provides plenty of perks—greater confidence, more wisdom, and discounted movie tickets, to name a few. But growing older also brings a few downsid…


5 Natural Remedies for Migraines

By Jennie Doris, Natural Solutions Imagine wearing a football helmet that’s too tight. Add to that upset stomach, blurred vision, and flashing lights. This is a migraine—a type of headache one me…


5 Top Tips to Protect Your Brain

By Catherine Guthrie, Natural Solutions New studies show the heart and brain are connected by more than just poetry and puns. Indeed, researchers say high levels of heart-busting cholesterol mi…


9 Foods for Youthful Skin

By Wendy McMillan, Natural Solutions Try as some might, we can’t stop time—and nowhere is this more visibly discerning than on the surface of our largest organ, the skin. Why does skin appear t…


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