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Foods that Boost Brain Power

By Pamela Harding, Natural Solutions Can some foods really make you more intelligent, have smarter kids, improve your memory, help you think more clearly, and perhaps even forestall the onset o…


Depression-Fighting Foods

By Lisa Turner, Natural Solutions Ever wonder why you can't resist the urge to overdo it on unhealthy foods when you're feeling down? Turns out there's a physiological reason we eat too much brea…


Veg Out: Great Tips and Yummy Recipes

By Bryce Edmonds, Natural Solutions Ask a roomful of vegetarians why they decided to make the meat-free leap, and you’ll likely get a roomful of answers. Some might love animals. Some might hav…


Anticancer Crusaders

The order “Eat your broccoli!” was one most of us probably heard growing up. Mom’s explanation always boiled down to the fact that it was simply “good for you.” But now researchers at UCLA have discov…


From Fat Burning to Cancer Protecting–Which Nut Butter is Best for You?

Peanut butter may pack plenty of protein, fiber, and stick-to-your-ribs satisfaction, but to reap the diverse health benefits of nature's nuts and seeds, you'll have to look beyond the standard jar of…


Menopause: Prepare, Treat, and Embrace

By Julie Tilsner, Natural Solutions I was having a typical conversation with my friend Debbie that led to a shocking revelation. We were laughing and complaining about getting older--our more f…


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