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Israeli Team Harnesses Sun to Purify Water

Israeli technology that relies on the sun to distill water for drinking and agriculture targets populations in developing countries. …


Male Lyrebirds Get Their Groove on

The elusive lyrebird, one of Australia's unique animal species, knows how to dance to its own song, according to scientists. The discovery supports the long held theory that for humans as well, music …


The Whale That Changed the World’s View of Marine Mammals

Orcas have become iconic animals on the West Coast and people love them, but it wasn't always that way. The CBC's Chris Brown looks at the Canadians and the whale who changed the world's view of marin…


Vegetarians May Live Longer, but Why?

Spoiler alert: it's not as simple as just cutting meat out of your diet. Photo Credit: Martin Cathrae via Flickr. …


‘Artificial Leaf’ Uses Photosynthesis to Create Clean Electricity

Chemist Daniel Norcera recently created a short film titled 'The Artificial Leaf' which explains a new way of creating clean electricity. The process uses a microchip, that when submerged in water and…


Grumpy Cat’s Rise to Fame Continues

Household pet turned internet sensation Grumpy Cat releases a new book and is set to star in a new movie. Bob Mezan reports. Photo Credit: wackvorlon via Flickr. …


Health Benefits of Purple Vegetables

Canadian researchers are reaching back in time to try to make people healthier with ancient vegetables. Photo Credit: cadyellow via Flickr. …


Hero’s Homecoming for Disfigured Philippines Dog

A dog that lost half its face saving two girls returned to a hero's welcome in the Philippines after undergoing a series of operations in the United States. +WARNING: CONTAINS IMAGES OF INJURED DOG+ …


Boy With Muscular Dystrophy Escapes Wheelchair Through Art (Video)

Luka, a 12-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy, can't skateboard, play basketball, or swim since he is wheelchair bound. But, that doesn't stop him from imagining doing those things. Thanks to th…


What Does Water Look Like in Outer Space? (Video)

Have you ever wondered how astronauts do everyday activities like brush their teeth or wet a washcloth? The first astronaut to walk in space -- Chris Hadfield -- is making a comeback with a lit…


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