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articles by: Megan, selected from The Intelligent Optimist

Grandmother’s Day: What We Can Learn From Grandmas

In an effort to preserve the knowledge and skills of grandparents, famous Irish chef Darina Allen launched Slow Food International Grandmother's Day, to be celebrated every April 25th. Is Grandmother…


Medical Miracles

By Tijn Touber, Ode Magazine Mr. Wright was seriously ill. With tumours the size of oranges in his neck, under his arms, in his chest and pelvic area, he didn't have long to live. Or so his doctor …


30 Ways to Add More Life to Your Years

By Nazia Mallick, Ode Deep down we all wish to live a rich and enlightened life. That is why we make those resolutions every year, for greater biological efficiency, less disease, increased f…


Fueling Cars with Feces

A microbe has been found that can break down anything that contains cellulose and turn it into ethanol. In 1996, Thomas Warnick was exploring the Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown, Massachusetts, w…


How Toilets Can Save the World

While scientists may regard penicillin or vaccinations as the greatest medical breakthroughs of all, Jack Sim claims toilets have done more for our health. Do we really have the toilet to thank for…


Tax the Beautiful?

Ugly people should be compensated for their obvious disadvantage in society, argues Gonzalo Otalóra. Gonzalo Otólora, once a pimply teenager, has written Feosexual, an ironic book about his decisio…


Secrets to Happiness

By Peter Van Dijk, Ode Magazine French psychiatrist Christophe Andre, who has written some 15 books, including Vivre Heureux ("How to lead a happy life") and L'Art du Bonheur ("The art of happi…


Eating Insects

Cricket pies, fried grasshoppers and mealworm quiche: Welcome to the new culinary delights. Or so hopes Arnold van Huis, an entomology professor in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Van Huis is wo…


10 Tips for Finding Peace on Valentine’s Day

From Ode Magazine V-Day isn't always a delight for everyone. Not everyone has drunk the koolaid of our couple society. More to the point, a lot of us are d-o-n-e with coupledom. What to do? Ti…


What Your Dentist Might Be Missing

By Tijn Touber, Ode Magazine A man goes to the dentist with a terrible toothache. The doctor examines the tooth and says: "You need a bowel cleanse." The man follows this advice and...the toothac…


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