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10 of the World’s Weirdest Spiders

By Blythe Copeland, TreeHugger Hate spiders? You're not alone: These leggy arachnids are some of the most feared creatures on Earth, despite their relatively tiny size. But even these creepy craw…


11 Best Holiday Movies (& Their Subtle Green Messages)

By Blythe Copeland, TreeHugger You might not realize it when you watch them again and again year after year, but some classic holiday films are sending messages above and beyond 'don't be a Scroo…


6 Species Facing Extinction Without Protection

By David DeFranza, TreeHugger Tigers, black rhinoceros, and giant pandas attract a lot of attention from conservationists and wildlife lovers—and with good reason. The global populations for …


10 of the World’s Most Dazzling Hot Springs

By Blythe Copeland, TreeHugger The same geothermal heat that can help you reduce your electricity bill is responsible for some of the world's most stunning natural wonders: Hot springs. When h…


Holistically Healthy Lifestyle Reduces Alzheimer’s Risk

By Sara Novak, TreeHugger A holistically healthy lifestyle marked by ample exercise and a healthy whole foods diet means less risk of Alzheimer's. Basically, the way you treat your body has a lot…


10 Things That Make a Great Green City

By Jennifer Hattam, TreeHugger Plentiful Parks Park are the "lungs of the city," architect Frederic Law Olmsted famously said about New York's Central Park. From the 500-year-old Giardino dell…


7 Tasty Fruit Cocktails

By Sara Novak, TreeHugger Can a cocktail be good for you? In moderation, we'd like to think so. The seven drinks here are packed with vitamin-rich fruit. Plus, the easy recipes are proof you don'…


8 Ways to Compost

By Sami Grover, TreeHugger Want to compost, but not sure where to start? Confused about the difference between hot compost and cold compost? Considering worm composting, or perhaps even grub comp…


Endangered Tortoise Has First Baby at Age 90

By Stephen Messenger, TreeHugger Having children is one of the most important, life-changing decisions a person can make -- and one endangered tortoise in particular certainly didn't rush it. Aft…


10 Dating Tips from the Animal World

By Stephen Messenger, TreeHugger Does a dung beetle find love easier than us? From the humblest worm to the majestic blue whale, creatures large and small have spent hundreds of millions of year…


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