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Narcissists Are Just Extremely Needy People, According to Study

They need you almost as much as they need to tell everyone about how great they are. Everybody knows a narcissist, but not everybody has a parent who's one. My mother is a huge narcissist — she m…


7 Ways Traveling Makes You Healthier

Traveling is fun. We love exploring, seeing new places, and getting away from the day-to-day routine of our lives. But is it possible that, in addition to being an awesome escape and adventure, tra…


Why Women Seek Other Women as Life Partners as They Age

Women crave affection and soulful friendships, not necessarily sex. One of the most convenient words today is "partner." When used in context to gay marriage, it really removes the awkwardness of h…


7 Reasons Being Single Makes You Healthier

Being in a relationship just to be in a relationship isn't a good enough reason, no matter how badly you need to feel "complete," or fill that facet of your life. Astroglide's resident sexologist, …


Sexless Relationships Can Be Happy Relationships Too

Do relationships really need sex to be considered romantic, intimate, and healthy? People seem to have no problem sharing most of the details of their lives, from their meals to their post-sex fa…


Why Finding the Right Birth Control is Key to Good Sex

Not quite ready for the pitter patter of little feet? Turns out, birth control — when used correctly — does more than delay your dance with dirty diapers and midnight feedings. It also allows you t…


3 Easy Ways to Put Yourself Out There

The dating market in 2015 is brutal. There a hundreds, if not thousands, of online dating sites. There are more advice articles on the Internet on how to fix your love life than how to fix your toas…


How to Stimulate All 5 Senses Through Massage

Picture this: You're lying down with your eyes closed, blissed out and as relaxed as can be. You're inhaling crisp, sweet air as layers of pillow-y softness cradle your body. Strong hands are strategi…


4 Ways Your Partner Changes You

Are you better? Or worse? "He/She makes me a better person" is no longer just a cliché people in happy relationships use.According to science, your partner's ability to make you better (or worse) i…


Your Cat’s Purr Has Healing Powers

Forget your Rx. Pet your kitty. If you aren't feeling your finest, we definitely recommend resting up and hitting up a pharmacy for a sick kit (cough drops, kleenex, etc.) BUT we're also here to…


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