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7 Things That Make You Look Unfaithful (Even if You’re Not)

Are you 100 percent sure your partner is being unfaithful? Considering the amount of attention in the media given to the effects of infidelity on marriage and divorce, I find myself surprised by ho…


5 Drinks That Mess with Your Libido

What drinks are putting you in the mood — and which ones are killing it? You're on a first date with a mild case of the jitters — that's natural — so you order a glass of red wine along with dinner…


3 Bad Habits That Can Actually Be Good for You

Yes, it's true: There are health benefits to some of our worst habits. So why does being bad feel so good? "Bad habits allow us to act like children, which may be a good or a bad thing depending on th…


5 Ways Sex Makes You Smarter, Says Science

Here's one major reason I studied communications as an undergraduate and not the sciences: Research seems to always contradict itself. Of course, the fact that I find science impossibly difficu…


9 Creative and Unconventional Valentine’s Day Ideas

Like birthdays, Valentine's Day celebrations become repetitive after a few years. If you've grown disenchanted with fancy dinners, chocolates and roses, worry not, because we have a series of unconven…


What You Should Know About Latex-Free Condoms

I've been blessed to have a stellar education when it comes to sexual health, but there's one subject that I don't recall great discussion on: non latex condoms. Now I'm not plagued with a latex aller…


8 Reasons Why Barbie is the Worst

Growing up, I had a friend who wasn't allowed to play with Barbie. She didn't have any Barbie dolls at her house, so when she came to our house it was like a kid in a candy store—she just couldn't…


5 Money Mistakes Millennials Make (& How to Fix Them)

Dealing with money is rough, and after watching the world go through wars, a recession and a housing crisis, you're rightfully scared and downright confused. Millennials who are single and starting…


I Confronted Every Man Who Catcalled Me

I don't remember the first time I was catcalled. Maybe it's because I'm jaded from living and working in NYC, the catcalling capital of the world. Perhaps it's due to the fact that catcalling b…


How Lying Hurts Your Health & Love Life

You know how you make healthy New Year's resolutions every year like, eat more broccoli or actually use my gym membership? You might even make these resolutions before the new academic year picks up i…


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