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4 Ways Your Partner Changes You

Are you better? Or worse? "He/She makes me a better person" is no longer just a cliché people in happy relationships use.According to science, your partner's ability to make you better (or worse) i…


Your Cat’s Purr Has Healing Powers

Forget your Rx. Pet your kitty. If you aren't feeling your finest, we definitely recommend resting up and hitting up a pharmacy for a sick kit (cough drops, kleenex, etc.) BUT we're also here to…


Woman Rocket Scientist Invents Painless High Heels (Video)

There's one thing most women can agree on: High heels are painful. DAMN painful. Heels are also extremely bad for your foot and back health. Related: 7 Reasons to Ditch High Heels Well, luckily …


The Exact Age Your Music Taste Stops Changing

Yes, you're turning into your parents. Music seems like a very weird, yet common thing that all older people gripe about. They typically all agree that each younger generation's music is garbage, a…


7 Reasons to Take Napping Seriously

A full night’s sleep has a wide range of health benefits, but what if you’re not able to get enough shut-eye at night? Lack of sleep has far-reaching consequences — it contributes to decreased product…


The Person You’re Most Jealous of on Facebook

We’ve all done it: the scrolling through photos on Facebook and making some comparisons between what we see online and what we see in the mirror. There’s the ultra-thin friend who, even after three …


5 of Science’s Weirdest Theories About Falling in Love

From kindergarten romances to middle-age dating, all life stages are full of lessons about love. We learn from experience and friends’ horror stories, from reading columns and from Mom’s tried-and…


The One Word Happy Couples Use To Stop Fights Before They Start

Don't let an argument derail positive communication. Have you noticed when you're in conflict with your partner that you tend to go around in circles, often having the same arguments over and over?…


How Stress Can Actually Make Your Life Better

These days, ask almost anyone, "How are you?" and their default reply is: "Ugh, stressed!" or "I'm so busy!" It seems we're a stressed out nation, and research definitely indicates that stress leve…


The Only 9 Jobs Where Women Make More Than Men

Sadly, many women have to accept that they will be paid less than men for doing the same exact work. They also have to accept that once they have a child, their pay and career is going to be hit harde…


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