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10 Dogs Jealous of Your Love

National Dog Day was celebrated nationwide this past week. Dogs are man's best friend ... until that man gets a new girlfriend. If you've ever had a canine companion, you already know how seemingly no…


Better Than Sex? 11 Things People Would Rather Do

Catch up on paperwork? Drink hot chocolate? You won't believe what people are skipping sex to do. What could possibly be better than sex with the one you love? Well, according to science, a lot…


11 Signs The Nutella Shortage Will Change Your Life

I have some devastating news to share with you, my friends. Your beloved nutella is in jeopardy. According to the Weather Channel, "surging crops prices, which are up by 60 percent, a ten-year" cou…


Adult Bullying: The Rarely Talked About Social Problem

Have you ever had a friend who insisted on behaving like a teenage girl with an identity crisis? I know, teenage girls and identity crises are synonymous, but what is the impact of an adult woman play…


This Post Will Make You Stop Drinking Soda Instantly

Think that daily can of soda is something you're sneaking into your diet? Your mouth knows what's it drinking. And even though your body craves it, your insides beg to differ. Of course, it's hard …


Why Robin Williams’ Death is So Personal For All Of Us

With the news of Robins Williams' suicide, why are so many of us taking it personally? I always said that Julie Andrews would be the only celebrity I will weep for when she passes. Tonight I learn…


Having More Sex Improves Your Mind In This Amazing Way

Bring it on: A new study confirms that couples actually "share" memories. You know that thing when you're with your partner and you can't remember something, so you snap your fingers and repeatedly…


‘I Need Coffee To Live’ — & Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

Your words can have a powerful effect on your life. Here's why you should choose them carefully. Do you wake up in the morning and think right away, "I need a coffee to start my day. I'm not going …


Here’s the Strange Secret to Having a Smarter Baby

Maybe that morning sickness is actually a good thing ... It may not be the prettiest part of pregnancy, but all that rushing to the closest trash can to throw up, thanks to the good ol' morning sic…


Why Being A Hottie Means You’re Keeping The Doctor Away, Too

Charlize Theron must possess the greatest immune system ever. That hot guy who lives across the street probably gets sick on rare occasions (lucky for you — all the more reason to kiss him!). Th…


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