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5 of Science’s Weirdest Theories About Falling in Love

From kindergarten romances to middle-age dating, all life stages are full of lessons about love. We learn from experience and friends’ horror stories, from reading columns and from Mom’s tried-and…


The One Word Happy Couples Use To Stop Fights Before They Start

Don't let an argument derail positive communication. Have you noticed when you're in conflict with your partner that you tend to go around in circles, often having the same arguments over and over?…


How Stress Can Actually Make Your Life Better

These days, ask almost anyone, "How are you?" and their default reply is: "Ugh, stressed!" or "I'm so busy!" It seems we're a stressed out nation, and research definitely indicates that stress leve…


The Only 9 Jobs Where Women Make More Than Men

Sadly, many women have to accept that they will be paid less than men for doing the same exact work. They also have to accept that once they have a child, their pay and career is going to be hit harde…


Honest Account of Obese Woman’s Journey of Self-Love

I spent my whole life not being noticed — so when I finally was, I didn't know how to feel. As an obese woman, I’m used to being the butt of jokes. "Nice ass!" I’ll hear walking down the street in my…


I’m Mad About College Rape, and You Should Be Too

The new film "The Hunting Ground" exposes the horrifying trend and how colleges are covering it up. For the record, every single sexual encounter I had in college was by choice. You'd think that st…


In Love with Your Best Friend? 6 Questions to Ask Before You Confess

We all know how it goes. Sometimes, we want the things we can't have. It's hard when you think you're fine being just friends with someone, but once he or she enters a relationship, you realize you…


9 Divorce Myths You Need to Ignore

Plus, the 13 questions you should be asking your partner BEFORE you get married. There are a lot of myths about divorce that keep infecting our society. For starters, despite what we’ve heard, the …


7 Things That Make You Look Unfaithful (Even if You’re Not)

Are you 100 percent sure your partner is being unfaithful? Considering the amount of attention in the media given to the effects of infidelity on marriage and divorce, I find myself surprised by ho…


5 Drinks That Mess with Your Libido

What drinks are putting you in the mood — and which ones are killing it? You're on a first date with a mild case of the jitters — that's natural — so you order a glass of red wine along with dinner…


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