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Don’t Let These Divorce Statistics Dictate Your Fate

There's one thing you can count on when you get engaged and that's hearing about the scary divorce statistics. I'll bet you've heard at least one of these statistics, whether from a family member, fri…


7 Tips to Fix Your Relationship

If you've been feeling frustrated that your relationship is in trouble, don't panic! Getting professional help from a†counseling program or therapist may be important eventually, and it's an option yo…


Your Short Cut to Divorce Recovery

Divorce is devastating. In the beginning, it can leave you feeling lost, alone, confused, depressed and even unlovable. Then, you start to feel angry and vengeful on top of the sad emotions. After a w…


Cluttered Home? This Could Be Harming Your Relationships

Many of†my clients first meet me through their desire to†shed clutter. Some of them discover that because of overflowing closets or the inability to walk through a room without tripping over something…


There’s No Finish Line For Divorce Recovery

I recently got a new computer. And if you've ever had to transfer files from one computer to another, you know that it can be kind of fun to take a peek at what has been hogging up space on your hard …


Is Emotional Isolation Destroying Your Relationship?

People often confuse loneliness with isolation. When pressed, most people struggle with the difference and end up asking me to explain. There are three levels of isolation. They are: 1.People are p…


Why You Should Ignore This Mom’s Wrong Dating Tips

Last year, Susan Patton, alum and mother of two Princeton sons, shared her dating tips on finding a husband while still in college in the Daily Princetonian newspaper. Her opinion on how coeds should …


3 Financial Lies That Guarantee Divorce

What if we could tell you three things that would guarantee the end of your marriage? Would you listen? Do you even think you need to? What really transpires between "I do" and "we're done" anyway? Ev…


When Should A Woman Pay On A Date?

An article in Time reports that "men would like women to chip in more frequently on dates but are afraid to ask." I don't know much about dating, but I am a people-pleasing expert. Staying silent out …


Affair Revenge Websites: Are They The Perfect Punishment?

Jezebel recently extended the fifteen minutes of fame the founder of the websites She's a Homewrecker and He's a Homewrecker has been experiencing. The purpose of these websites is to expose men and w…


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