Autism & Vaccines: What You Need to Know

How did the myth about vaccines and autism get started? The graphic below looks at the science.

The vaccines and autism myth began with a 1998 study that should never have been published. The study – published in The Lancet – had a number of serious problems, which the graphic below explains in more detail. Since its publication, that vaccines and autism study has convinced many parents to stop vaccinating their kids, and the threat this poses to public health is serious.

As a mom, I totally get the tendency to believe something like this. Who has time to delve into the science behind studies between working and caring for your child? If you read an article telling you that vaccinating your child is going to harm his health, it makes sense to follow the precautionary principle. The trouble is, we are causing more harm by not vaccinating.

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The real problem with skipping vaccinations is that you’re not only putting yourself and your family at risk for contracting diseases like measles. In order to be truly effective, we need to have something called “herd immunity.” That is when a critical mass of people are vaccinated, which protects the whole population from a disease. When people opt out of vaccinations, we put that herd immunity at risk, and we’re seeing the impacts of that right now.

We are beginning to see the impacts of the so-called “anti-vax” movement. A good example is a measles outbreak happening right now in central Ohio. One argument I see a lot against vaccines is that measles aren’t that bad. Reading the reports of how measles is impacting children in Knox County makes it clear that this isn’t really true.

My 15-month-old just got his MMR vaccine last week, and reading stories about measles outbreaks while caring for an unvaccinated child was terrifying. It’s babies like my son who are the most risk when parents choose not to vaccinate. People with compromised immune systems also risk of serious complications from measles when an outbreak occurs.

The anti-vaccination movement began because of one piece of bad science, and it’s grown into a public health threat that has the potential to do serious harm, especially to babies. Take a look at the infographic below which looks at a number of studies on vaccines and autism. You can click the image to view a full-sized version:

Vaccines and Autism: Why you should vaccinate your kids!

Image Credits: Measles Vaccinations photo by Julien Harneis; infographic via Healthcare Management Degree Guide


Magdalena J.
Alice L.about a year ago

Thank you!

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe1 years ago

This information needs to be sent out to all doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics and be in the information they give you when you have a baby!

Magdalena J.
Alice L.1 years ago

Thank you!

Dee T.
Dee T.1 years ago

For a list of discontinued vaccines, here is the link. To see adverse reactions, ingredients etc, you need to go to the manufacturers website and look up the vaccine name and scroll thru the information.

Kath P.
Kath P.1 years ago

I can't speak for what happens to a child but I can tell you what happens to my cats. They get very ill after being vaccinated. That never happened until I was forced to get them bright pink, all in one shots. Before that I used to get each colourless shot separately. I think their illness has a great deal to do with the preservatives and the food dye. Many other people have pets who develop hot spots at the injection site. Just saying 'something is not right'.

Dee T.
Dee T.1 years ago

I advise to read, read, read, package inserts. This gives you a wealth of information. Ask to read it or ask the name if the vaccine and manufacturer. Go to the manufacturer website and read it there. Knowledge is power and all parents should be informed of what's in this stuff and reactions it can cause. Because no one in the doctors office will read this to you or mention it.

Dee T.
Dee T.1 years ago

I wish these articles weren't so biased. Two vaccines that used to be on the market, Tripedia and Trihibit listed autism as one of the adverse effects. The manufacturer listed this in their prescribing information package insert with each bottle. These 2 products were taken off the market in 2011. They were both on the market almost 20 years before being taken off. So when folks link autism to vaccines, there is good reason why, especially when the manufacturer states this as a adverse reaction to their own product. Like anything else, it's buyer beware. Know your family Hx, pro and cons and do what you feel is best for your own family.

Vicky P.
Vicky P.1 years ago


James R B.
Jim B.1 years ago

Again this website continues exhibiting the sellout to another piece of pharmaceutical propaganda. Prior to the accelerating orgy of poisoning children, the incidence of Autism was maybe one in 30,000!! The incidence of Autism now is about one in 68!! Disgraceful how Care2 and other pharmaceutical-industrial complex whores continue promoting their assault on humanity. Dr. Wakefield demonstrated a DIRECT CORRELATION, if not CAUSATION, between increased vaccination levels and the exploding incidence of Autism over the last 20 plus years. Autism increased over 1500% since 1991, correlating directly with the quadrupling of childhood vaccinations, of which defenseless infants are assaulted with 21 or more shots the first 15 months of life!! Every one of the "common vaccine myths" in this article are blatant lies, and easily disproven!! Look at the inserts, including the side effects, and mercury based thimerosal HAS NOT been removed from most vaccinations!! Rather telling how this rag states thimerosal "...only resides in seasonal flu vaccine..." as if not a problem, even though a verified aggressive neurotoxin. The most detestable statement is how infants "...can handle the vaccinations...", a truly vicious and cruel promotion of chemical assault on infant’s natural immunities and life itself. Continuing to blindly support these assaults on our children are contributing to condemning many of them to a life of debilitation, misery, and in some cases death!!

Mary B.
Mary B.1 years ago

The trouble with this 'everybody has to do it' mindset is that not everybody's body reacts the same. Some people are deathly allergic to penicilon, yet to others, it's a life saver. Where do medical people get this false notion that a vacine is safe for all, especially kids? Medicine is a work in progress and we are it's test subjects. If they can't offer a loophole proof garentee that it's safe or if there is a bad reaction, the people will be compensated fairly, I don't agree with making everybody vacinate their kids. If kids get the illness, their own bodies will create it's personalized anti-bodies with out all the extra ingredience.