Awesome Doggie Makeovers Save Lives

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing makeovers of people in magazines or on television. Well, now I love them even more, because dogs across America are getting their chance to let their inner and outer beauty shine, thanks to the Top Dog Shelter in America contest. The contest facilitates makeovers for shelter dogs in need of new homes – and the results are extraordinary!

Three pet-centric organizations, Wahl, The Animal Rescue Site and decided to come together ”to shed light on shelter animals – showing they are beautiful animals that deserve a fresh start” by connecting shelters with desperately needed grooming tools, guidance and resources. Noah Horton, with, told the Today Show, “we wanted to teach shelter staff and volunteers that the way you groom and photograph your pets has a noticeable effect on your adoption rates.”

The groups track the amazing transformations one by one via in an online photo gallery, thanks to One Picture Saves A Life, an organization that helps shelter staff learn how to photograph incoming animals in the best light possible – literally and figuratively.

Indeed, most of us are familiar with those blurry sad animal photos taken right after an animal is surrendered. One Picture Saves A Life wants to see no more of those awful pictures. Instead, they encourage shelters to take positive photos of incoming animals after they’ve been groomed — instead of photographing them when they’re “dirty, scared, and disoriented.”

In a press release, Shay Moeller, pet product manager for Wahl, laments that ”unfortunately, due to limited resources, only half of all pets entering shelters today are receiving the proper grooming they need. To help make a change, we sought to get supplies into the hands of shelter volunteers, while working to change public perceptions about dogs that might just need a little extra grooming and TLC.”

Thus far, the campaign has generated enough grooming supplies to makeover more than 10,000 dogs.  Hundreds of before and after photos were submitted to the Top Dog Shelter contest and after much deliberation GiGi, won first place and a $5,000 grant for her shelter, the Animal League of Iowa.

Below are a few of the doggie makeovers that will make your heart melt – and be so grateful for the people and companies behind this wonderful idea! To see a larger gallery of before and after photos click here.








Kelly M.
Kelly R2 years ago

We adopted two cocker spaniels this summer, they had their "before" and "after" pics on the SPCA's site. They had been abandoned on the side of the road, infections, matted, etc. Then they were shaved and looked like different girls!

Stella Gambardella
Stella G2 years ago

Ottima iniziativa a fin di bene. Sono tutti cani bellissimi e auguro loro di trovare presto una famiglia che li adotti

LMj Sunshine

Wonderful, thank you for sharing!

LMj Sunshine

Wonderful, thank you for sharing!

Carole H.
Carole H2 years ago

lovely thank you

Fi T.
Fi T2 years ago

No dogs are bad but their owner and/or the ones abandoning them

Mary Donnelly
Mary Donnelly2 years ago

Great post.

Angela Padovani
Angie P2 years ago

The makeovers were adorable. I got my dog from a shelter. The way he looks today compared to when I adopted him are night and day. Not only is he beautiful on the outside, he is beautiful on the inside. I could not have adopted a dog with a sweeter disposition, and an indescribable personality.

Carole H.
Ch H2 years ago

What a differenec a trim and edge makes. The dogs will feel so much lighter and now will have a spring in their step. x

Yolanda Magris
Yolanda Magris2 years ago

Human kindness makes every thing look good.