Baby Pandas Playing! (Video)


Did you know that it’s Panda Awareness Week? In celebration of these amazing animals, check out this too-cute-to-handle video of four baby pandas are playing on a slide!

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Fi T.
Fi T.2 years ago

Allow them the joy as if they're our kids

Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez2 years ago

This brought a smile to my face this Monday morning. My kids liked it as well. Thanks.

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedl2 years ago

Really cute, but it´s sad that these baby pandas are probably clones, like it´s a common use in China because the aduld pandas get too few babies...

Mary Cromley
.2 years ago

Just too cute. What could be better to watch than a pile of panda babies?

Laura Saxon
.3 years ago

So sweet.

Linda O.
Linda Owen3 years ago

So sweet!

Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege3 years ago


Wayne Leeon
Past Member 3 years ago

Awesome! Loved it..

Roger M.
Past Member 3 years ago

Lovely. Thanks.

Tanya W.
Tanya W.3 years ago

Fun loving!!