Basic Bird Seed Mix

Many birds start to migrate in mid-August, and the demand for nourishment increases at this time. Not only are birds hungrier at this time of year, but as fall draws near, both migrant and non-migrant birds will establish their winter feeding territory. There is no better time than now to establish your yard as a bird banquet for the winter!

Here is simple, easy recipe for a basic bird seed mix, to get you started.

Basic Bird Mix
50 percent sunflower seed
35 percent white proso millet
15 percent cracked corn

Combine the seed, millet, and corn in a large container. Store in a dry trash can or storage can with a tight-fitting lid. This mixture can be offered in a tube, hopper, or platform feeder.

Black oil sunflower seed is a great choice because it is higher in calories.

By Annie B. Bond


Nimue Pendragon

Why am I reading this, I don't have a bird :)

Tanya W.
Tanya W.3 years ago


Cheyenne Thunderbird

I make my own bird seed mix because often the real ones are dry and bad in my country

Linda Danielson
Linda Danielson3 years ago

Sounds good enough for me to eat....Thank you for this information!

Winn Adams
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Jeni G.
Jennifer G.4 years ago

Thanks, can't wait to put this together for the feathered cuties outside!

Nr B.
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Kenneth D.
Kenneth Davies4 years ago

Interesting and noted

J.L. A.
JL A.4 years ago

good to know

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