Beauty Recipes for Your Skin Type

Ayurveda believes that your skin reflects the state of your three doshas. Dry skin is a sign of aggravated Vata dosha. Acne and rash prone skin indicates a Pitta disorder. And dull skin with clogged pores shows that your Kapha dosha needs attention.

Simple everyday ingredients can help your skin heal from within. Try these time-tested recipes for youthful, happy skin.

  • When Pitta flares up, rashes and brown spots occur. Heal them with mashed organic papaya. Apply two teaspoons of papaya pulp to your face. Five to seven minutes later, wash your face with warm water, and pat it dry. Enjoy the rest of the papaya for breakfast. What a delicious way to nourish skin from the inside out!
  • Cool down agitated Pitta skin with the juice of cilantro leaves mixed with a little turmeric. Apply this on your face at bedtime, and rinse off after a few minutes with cool water. You will be rid of pimples and rashes.
  • Grated cucumber makes a great face mask for parched Vata skin and agitated Pitta skin. Gently dab the area under eyes with cotton dipped in cool cucumber juice.
  • Send under-eye bags packing with the help of aloe vera. This intensely moist juice is a great way to keep Vata skin looking young late into life.
  • Mix a few drops of geranium or sandalwood essential oil into sesame oil. Use this as a moisturizer for Vata skin.
  • Cooking rice tonight? Set aside two teaspoons of raw rice grains, and grind them in the blender. The grains will be coarse, but that is as it should be. Make a paste of the rice with a teaspoon of fresh plain yogurt. Apply the mask to your face for a gentle but effective cleansing experience for clogged Kapha skin.


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Wonderful tips. Thank you!

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Thank you Shubhra - I always enjoy your bringing us natural Ayerveda solutions to everyday skin or health problems.

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That's the key, knowing exactly what your skin type is!