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Behavior & Communication

How to Curb 6 Annoying Cat Behaviors

We love our cats unconditionally, sometimes in spite of certain habits that leave us scratched up, bleary-eyed and without presentable furniture. As much as we love them, though, we sometimes wish we …


The Best and Worst Places to Pet Your Cat

One of the reasons we love cats so much is because they're particular about many things — including, of course, where they like to be petted. Some spots always seem to turn on the purring machine in y…


Is Your Cat Depressed?

Can cats get depressed? Absolutely. Just like humans, cats can suffer from depression and for many of the same reasons: moving, changes in routine, boredom, excessive fighting by household members, an…


Oakland’s Funkiest Pups Have a Message For You

Many of us are familiar with "Uptown Funk" -- the number one hit by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. I knew the song was fun and contagious, but it wasn't until I saw this parody video on Dogster that …


Why Does My Cat… Snore?

Who can resist YouTube videos of kittens snoring? It may not be so cute, however, when it’s 4 a.m. and your cat sounds like a ripsaw on the pillow next to you. Snoring in cats, while not as common …


10 Most Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

Though not all canines want to cuddle with cats, some breeds seem more likely to find a friend in felines than others. And when it happens, it's a pretty special thing to watch — there's nothing like …


‘Little Nurse’ Cat Cares For Ill and Injured at Animal Shelter

A couple of years ago I wrote about a nursing home cat, Oscar, that seemed to know when death was imminent for elderly dementia patients. He would enter their room, jump on their bed and keep them pur…


How to Win the Love of a New Adult Dog

One of the greatest compliments a dog can pay you is to make it clear that you are his most prized companion. When you bring a new dog into your life, the hope is that he will love you more than he lo…


What Kind of Music Do Cats Like? (Probably Not What You’re Listening To)

Animal shelters, zoos and primate centers are increasingly playing music for their animal inhabitants. While some animals, like dogs may find music soothing, particularly classical, a recent study rev…


Dog Flu Outbreak in American Midwest: What Dog Owners Should Know

Dogs, like their human companions, can catch the flu, and when they do they suffer from uncomfortable upper respiratory symptoms and fevers. However, unlike human flu which is winding down for the sea…


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And... try to avoid toads around pets, cats or dogs. If they lick a toad they foam at the mouth and …

My Shih-tzu seemed to have different minds depending on the day of the week. Some days she would tak…

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