Beautiful Bird Mating Dance (video)

This is a scene from the amazing new BBC/Discovery series, Life. It shows Clark’s Grebes, a lovely white and black bird from Oregon, doing a mating dance on the water. The photography is unsurpassed and you will be gripped from start to finish as you watch this pair perform for each other.


LMj Sunshine

Its blocked??

LMj Sunshine

Its blocked??

LMj Sunshine

Its blocked??

Dimitri Ostrovski

Western Grebs are incredibe to watch, if your lucky enough to see it for real your very lucky. Great Video :)

Andrea Nemec
Andrea Nemec5 years ago

Oh wow...that wonderful nature!

Norma Brooks
Norma Brooks5 years ago

This is Tantra ! Flirting, seduction, making an offering- pure seduction! And so elegant and graceful!

Madeline M.
Madeline M.5 years ago

Wow, I love how they seem to be smiling at each other near the end when they face each other and then they proudly puff out their chests and run together with so much strength and beauty. They are gorgeous.

David M.
Eva Daniher5 years ago


Charlene S.
Charla D.5 years ago


My M.
Myra L.5 years ago

That was both lovely and intriguing! What amazed me was they did the whole ritual as though it was already choreographed, they were in sync! The accompanying music added an air of sweet romance. Perfect combination!