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Green Chi

Green Chi: Finding Exercise That Fits

My three sisters and I get together with our families for a week's vacation at the Cape every year. There are so many of us so it is a free-for-all. We have great meals and fun whale watches and the w…


Audits/What Should I Do About My Oil Bill Part 3

For those of you who have followed my quest for sustainable heat this winter, don't despair that I have given up. Not only am I still working on it but I am making very good, if slow, progress. Just …


Is the Sound of Nature the Perfect Fifth?

On a walk near my house the other day I listened to the crickets and thought, could they be chirping in a perfect fifth? I had been learning about how listening to perfect fifth tuning forks can bri…


Green Chi: Thoughts on a Train

I am writing this while on the train into NYC with my daughter Lily to see "Rent" before it goes off Broadway in September. I live in the Hudson Valley and the train to NYC is remarkable in that the t…

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Green Chi: A Floor is a Floor, is a Floor?

I have had a visceral and negative reaction to seeds that are bred to tolerate just one specific herbicide that is the only one that can be used in the growing of the seeds if herbicides are used. Mon…


What Should I Do About My Oil Bill? Part 2

Thank you for all the suggestions on how to lower my oil bill. You have opened my mind to many options. This is exciting, because even though I read a lot and am quite well educated on issues of susta…


Annie Asks You: What Should I Do About My Oil Bill?

Kill me now. My oil company estimates that my heating bill this winter will be $5,000! Yes, there are three zero's at the end. You may be thinking that I live in a mansion, but no. My two-story house …


Green: The Way of Conscious Harmlessness

My daughter Lily wrote in one of her The Adventures of Green Girl blogs on Care2 that "Growing up 'green,' I was not only non-toxic physically, but I was also mentally non-toxic, if you will. Meanin…


Green Chi: Prophecies and a Shifting Earth

It took me 14 hours to get to the Chicago Green Festival. I am nothing if not intrepid. I missed a flight connection in Philadelphia because of the weather and found myself mired in the challenges wri…


Green Chi: The Human Gift to the Earth

There must have been a Dance of the Turkeys on my driveway last night. While out walking this morning, I saw at least 40 turkey footprints, and there were some very big ones indeed, with a middle toe…


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Pollination keeps the flowers and trees producing. Thank you for caring and sharing.

It looked like the kitten was trying to nurse and the older cat wasn't pleased. But a momcat would …