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Sustainable Dave

Sun Chips Makes Snacking a Little Lighter On The Environment

The year that I kept all of my trash in my basement one of the items that I could not get around was chips bags. I hate to say it, and I know how bad they can be, but I have always loved snack chips o…


The Story of Bottled Water

It's been a bit since I talked about the problems with single use plastic water bottles, and with the release of the great little video below, I thought I'd bring the subject back to the top of the or…


Does Anyone Really Need an iPad Part II: Want vs. Need

After the flurry of responses to my post last week, I realized I probably overstated the title of the piece a bit. In all honesty, I must apologize because I hadn't actually thought of how much the iP…


Does Anyone Really Need an iPad?

This weekend, the long awaited iPad, Apple's newest must-have technology, finally hit the shelves.† Reading the news over the last few days I came across stories entitled "10 Things You Need to Kn…


Limiting Your Java Waste Starts at Home

I was planning on jumping straight to ways to avoid coffee cup waste on the road, but I realized that the problem can be avoided much earlier: Don't even hit the coffee shops to begin with. While t…


“Disposable” Coffee Cups? I Think Not!

Have you ever gone into a Starbucks or some other national coffee chain and sat down to have a cup of coffee? If you are like most people, you stood in line at the counter, ordered your non-fat milk …


Dharamsala Bans the Bag

I'm a bit late with this piece of news, but I only just found out about it recently. Dharamsala India, the exiled home of the Dalai Lama, has banned plastic bags. I was speaking with a childhood frie…


Think Solar’s Gonna Cost You? Think Again

OK, you really want to do right by the environment and stop using all that coal fired electricity. The problem is you don't have an extra ten to twenty thousand lying around the house to buy a pho…


The Final Word On Haiti (Bicycles, Batteries and Generators…Oh My)

Ok, I lied, it's not the final word on Haiti, not that I could have that word anyway. After last week's post, I had a few other thoughts (and a few things to add) and thought I'd shoot them out h…


Go See The Cove!

Editor's Note: The Cove won the Oscar for Best Feature Documentary! Congratulations! Thanks to the passionate filmmakers who spread awareness through this documentary and to viewers who took ac…


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