Boy’s Amazing Cardboard Arcade (Video)

Nine-year-old Caine Monroy, spent his summer building an incredible cardboard arcade in his dad’s auto parts shop. The shop, located in East Los Angeles, doesn’t get many walk-in customers, and the arcade only had one player all summer. That customer, however, was amazed with what the boy had done, and organized a really heartwarming flash mob through Facebook! I guarantee you’ll get tears in your eyes from this video!

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Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.3 years ago


San Matajs
San Matajs3 years ago

What an unbelievable, talented kid! So inspirational to me! He put a big smile on my face :)
Thank god for parents like this!

Past Member 3 years ago

What a wonderful world!......

Diarmuid Hanley
Diarmuid Hanley3 years ago

What a great guy to stop and interact with some random kid, it shows he is connected to his own inner child also. Then by making the film and getting all those people to play his arcade, he shows he has a great heart. The boy is really a genius, what a fantastic spacial awareness he has and not sitting at some computer playing brain numbing games. But this is also because of his Dad, great Dad and just such a heart-warming film, when we have so many horrible and serious things to fight for, like a breath of fresh air. I hope he goes a long way and never loses the gift that was noticed in him by this Angel of a man, and his dear Dad too!
Wonderful, thank you, it's inspired me to use my talents more too!

Gale Thomasson
Gale T.3 years ago

What a wonderfull thing they did! made that boys day. God Bless them.

Pamela W.
Pamela W.3 years ago

Awesome little man!!! Awesome Dad also!!!

Rose Balcom
Rose Balcom3 years ago

Kids always did like playing with large cardboard boxes. Hope this kid grows up to be an engineer and not waste his natural talents! Dad is extra special by encouraging his son's natural play in his store.

Nadja B.
Nadja B.3 years ago

make my day :) what ossom story and genius boy, keep going!

Debra Van Way
Debra Van Way3 years ago

Probably the best day ever for that talented young man and he will never forget it. Awesome guy who planned the special day and all the people who came to play the games Caine built from cardboard-kudos to them all. Made my day watching this. Thanks.

Melinda K.
Past Member 3 years ago

Wow a kid not sitting at a computer all novel! :-) Very talented little kid...