Calm Canine Essential Oil Blend

Here is an ideal blend of essential oils to calm dogs in stressful situations: dogs with separation anxiety; training or show nerves; hyperactivity; fear of people, places, or things. Just hold this blend to their noses.

Calm Canine Essential Oil Blend
˝ oz. base oil (for example, sweet almond or hazelnut)
3 drops Valerian essential oil
2 drops Vetiver essential oil
4 drops Petigrain essential oil
3 drops Sweet Marjoram essential oil
2 drops Sweet Orange essential oil

Store in a dark glass bottle. The calming effect of this blend will range from “taking the edge off” to soothing a dog to the point where it gets very mellow and takes a nap. You can adjust the number of drops used to get the desired effect, anywhere from 1-6 drops depending on the size of the dog.

Adapted from Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals by Kristen Leigh Bell (Findhorn, 2002). Reprinted by permission of Findhorn Press.
Adapted from Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals by Kristen Leigh Bell (Findhorn, 2002).


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Melinda K.
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I would be extremely careful using essential oils with animals, especially cats as they are mostly dangerous to felines, only do so with the supervision of a trained professional.

Lydia Price

Valerian are chemically related to hops. These can have adverse hormonal effects upon males of any species.

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