Can Spit Predict Heart Attacks & Cancer?

Your spit is a treasure trove of information that soon could diagnose everything from high blood pressure to cancer.

What’s more, saliva is so easy to collect, that someday patients will be able to take their own samples and send them directly to labs for analysis or use a smartphone app to read results, cutting initial health care costs.

Already, saliva tests are diagnosing HIV, oral diseases, and inflammatory disease. In the future, maybe 5 to 10 years, saliva analysis could be able to pinpoint where the inflammation exists and what exactly is causing it, says researcher Bjorn Klinge, professor and chair in the Department of Periontology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

Klinge and colleagues studied the saliva of 1,000 adults living in Sweden to see if certain salivary biomarkers could be used to detect common and sometimes life-threatening system diseases.

The study showed that saliva can contain elevated biomarkers for these diseases.
Bowel disease
Muscle and joint disease
Various inflammations associated with heart disease and high blood pressure.

This spit research not only has the ability to revolutionize methods for diagnosing life-threatening disease, but it can help people who, because of poverty or location, have limited access to diagnosis and treatment.

Some saliva tests are as easy as sending a spit sample in a plastic bag to the lab. There’s also a smartphone app and test kit being developed that reads cortisol (stress hormone) levels in a saliva. Elevated cortisol levels in psychotically depressed patients can signal the onset of a psychotic break.

“We will be able to reach parts of the population that we haven’t reached before,” Klinge said in a press release, “and that will increase our chances of detecting illnesses at an early stage.”

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Michele B.
Michele B.2 years ago interesting. pretty soon, the sky will be the limit.

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I will have to check into this. This would be so wonderful.

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Muff-Anne York-Haley

Now that's an app anybody could use!

Kamia T.
Kamia T.2 years ago

My naturopath at Life Clinic in Utah can do this. She's the one who found I was allergic to grains; helped me heal from a cancer diagnoses over 9 years ago and found parasites in one of my kids that were treated quickly early on. I totally believe this is possible, and well worth it! The saliva test can also tell you if you're low on certain nutrients, and I believe has significantly contributed to my ever-improving health. Drives my regular doc crazy because he can't figure out how it's happening LOL.

Shalvah Landy
Past Member 2 years ago

Very interesting, thank you.

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