5 DIY Rugs

Have you ever seen a tag on a carpet that said it contained “unknown man-made fibers.” Are you scared of the “unknown?” If it’s hanging off a carpet or rug, you should be.

“Unknown” carpet or rug fibers are generally made from a cocktail of synthetic fibers such as nylon, acrylic, polyester, or polypropylene. These fibers are treated with fire retardants, anti-static treatments, fungicides, dye and adhesives made of VOCs. Carpets are backed with polyurethane, synthetic latex, or PVC. Take a whiff. You can even smell the chemical odors of new carpets and rugs wafting up from the floor when you bring one home.

On an even stinkier note, do you know where carpets go to die? You guessed it, the landfill. Now that “unknown” cocktail is leaching into the ground and water for years and years to come.

Like wallpaper, makers and buyers of carpets and rugs are acutely aware of the environmental damage of this home decor product, and have begun to make changes. In the world of green home design, carpets and rugs are experiencing an eco-awakening.

One such carpet company, FLOR has a strong commitment to sustainability. With eco-standards for providing low-VOC’s, FLOR’s design mission blends form and function, and includes a commitment to be environmentally responsible. Their dedication to caring for the planet carries over from design and manufacturing to reclaiming and recycling old FLOR carpets and rugs into new.

Don’t want to lay down the bucks for a new carpet? Then make your own rugs. While I love the look of wood, bamboo or cork floors, nothing cozies up a room like a rug. They can even become mini-versions of carpet when put together. The DIY projects on the next page vary in cost and difficulty.


5 DIY Rugs

1. Little House in the Suburbs provides the DIY instructions for making a no-sew rag rug.

2. A recycled sweater rug from Home Workshop is pure genius.

3. This rug shown on Apartment Therapy is put together using inexpensive small area rugs.

4. ThreadBanger provides instructions on how to make a cute Rag Rug.

5. This rug found over on the Craftzine blog is so inspirational. It is made from recycled blankets and would be an amazing DIY project.


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Shag Rugs are Handwoven Rugs made from differents kinds of yarns. Dense and plush, all shag rugs are prepared using wool or polyester depending on the designs. Shag area rugs make a fun addition to any fashionable space by incorporating texture to the room.

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been looking at the prices for area rugs - think I'll make my own. a couple great ideas here. thank you !!

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Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

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Thanks for the links - I love that truly no-sew rag rug.

Just a head up - the threadbanger link is redirecting to the threadbanger youtube site, but not to the individual rug.

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interesting article. Wish the comments were on topic tho!

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