Dog Falls for Cat (video)

Who says cats and dogs donít get along? Watch Odino the cat and Mirta the dog as they hug, lick, and massage each other.

Cat and Dog “Share” a Snack
Dog and Elephant: Best Friends

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Julia Oleynik
Julia Oleynikabout a year ago

What a friendship , thank you :)

Mary Cromley
.about a year ago

They are so sweet together,

Cheryl Mallon-Bond


Tucker T.
Tucker T.2 years ago


Melissa L.
Melissa L.2 years ago


Suky Gill
Suky Gill3 years ago

nice dog, yet the cat reminds me of the ones carried around in movies with the villians

Barbara J.
Barbara J.3 years ago

Looks more like doggy wanted to play.

LMj Sunshine

Adorable! thank you!!

LMj Sunshine

Adorable! thank you!!

Aimee A.
Aimee A.3 years ago

Thanks for posting!