Cat & His Sheep Taxi (Video)

Sometimes, when it’s really difficult to catch a taxi on a busy day, you need to hop on a sheep. We’ve all been there…Oh wait, no we haven’t. It’s odd and it’s funny, but this cat’s sheep taxi is also very, very cute.

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Carrie-Anne Brown
Carrie-Anne Brownabout a year ago

thanks for sharing :)

Melania Padilla
Melania Padilla1 years ago

So sharing, love this!!

Jennifer H.
Jennifer H.1 years ago

Now this was great! Talk about odd couples.

Borg Drone
Borg Drone1 years ago

Love this video.
Thanks again.

dee j.
dee j.1 years ago

looks like a good cat bed to me. it just hasn't been made into the wool mattress bed yet :-)

Nichola Mac D
Nichola Mac D1 years ago


Carolanne Powell
Carolanne Powell1 years ago

A warm wooly bed, I wouldnt mind a kip there meself :)

Katherine May Williams

The only way to travel.. :-)

Chaz Berlusconi

cats are amazing..

Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton1 years ago

I think that sheep loved the warmth also. How wonderful for both of them!! Rock on Animals!!