Cat Law in Kansas Limits Households to 4 Cats

Wellington, Kansas passed an ordinance last month that regulates the number of cats each household can own. Families in the area are now barred from owning more than 4 cats. The new restriction matches the number of dogs each household is allowed.

Police from the area have noted that in November of 2012 alone, 231 cats were picked up. According to Wellington Daily News, Police Chief Tracy Heath expressed that 87% of those cats were put down. “…Those are cats that go to the animal clinic, they’re there for the allotted time, and then unfortunately they are euthanized.”

The ordinance also set conditions for adopted cats. Cats shall be vaccinated for rabies; they must also be spayed or neutered by a licensed veterinarian, unless the cat is being adopted to a home outside of the city, according to Wellington Daily News.

While reactions to the ordinance are mixed, it remains unclear exactly how the new limit will impact the number of cats being euthanized.


lesley turnbull
lesley turnbullabout a year ago

The point is nobody should be interfering with our personal freedoms, and to me how many cats I have in my own home is a personal right. Legislation goes to far. If our cats cause others issues, then address the problem if there is one.

Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth S3 years ago

I'm gratified to read these responses by Antonella, Anji, Elisa and Susan P, Annalisa P and PrimAWAY B. Nice to know I'm not alone and that the consensus seems to be totally against arbitrary laws and rules against animal caretakers. Sure, there's the occasional 'hoarder' who somehow gets all the press--enough to make it seem as though he/she is the 'norm', but nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of animal rescuers/caretakers are people who simply love animals and cannot abide any form of abuse or animal suffering, so extend themselves to try to prevent it even if they aren't very wealthy. Rather than localities working with these people (like you and me), they pass these insulting and restrictive rules. I'd put money on most of the regulations being passed by those who truly do not understand the first thing about animals and their care. If I may be so bold, it brings to mind certain know-nothing and clueless males determined to pass arbitrary rules about women's bodies. Sounds pretty much the same thing--to me, and should be reacted to the same way--with much protesting--and at the ballot box. :) I'm not trying to get into a political war here--if you disagree with me, that's perfectly okay...we can agree to disagree. Just attempting a bit of levity!

PrimaAWAY B.
PrimaAWAY B3 years ago

There are many people that can handle more than 4 cats and no one could even tell they had animals by walking in the home if kept up properly and actually that is quite easy. There are animals out there and if they can have a home ,they should.They also should all be spayed and neutered. if kansas made any law it would be to simply make sure that they are spayed or neutered. There are too many cats out there lost looking for a home or a barn to live in . You DO NOT capture or take them and kill them. TNR ,YES!! Absolutely brutal law. I'm against hoarding as we all are but certainly many people run rescues and have many fosters ,etc... in their home . All taken care of properly.

I have more than 4 cats/animals and no issue at all. NONE!!

Thank You for the post..

Annalisa Parrini
Annalisa Parrini3 years ago

This is absurd and unjust, luckily in Italy there are no laws so stupid all of us can have as many pets want, even if you live in an apartment. But in switzerland if you pay the tax on the dog. And if you do not pay, take him away and submit it to a municipal veterinary euthanasia.

Elisa and Susan Petersen

Elizabeth S: Waay back probably in the bottom of all of these comments I mentioned that they should also have laws against people having more human children than they can handle (such as the Octo-Mom). I totally agree with you. Some people just have compulsive hoarding behaviors such as having too many animals, things, or having/wanting too many children. It is a mental illness and should be treated. I would be much more for intervention in such cases than punitive laws.

Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth S3 years ago

Just curious, but do any of the people here who think it's perfectly okay to pass ordinances in townships to limit numbers of animals to less than half a dozen EVER have anything to say about families like the Duggars with their brood of 18 (or is it now 19?) + --and even televise it to influence others into doing the same thing?

MY ALL RESCUED OR FOUND cats are small: the biggest weighs in at 14 lbs, the smallest at 6 (she's the elderly 21yr old and with a thyroid problem for which I give her meds every day it's work to maintain her weight although I feed her several times a day). She also goes into the vet twice a week to be helped in eliminating since her body doesn't function that well. She's not in pain--it's a common enough problem. When she gets home she's happy as a clam and bounces back to eating and interacting with her 'siblings'. When the time comes I'll know it (as I always have).

A CHILD on the other hand, takes up vastly more space in a house--needs a heckuva lot more food, space, toilet facilities, education, etc. So why these ordinances against household pets while nothing is done about people who breed like rabbits?

Just say'n.

Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth S3 years ago

oh, and for the record? I don't live on a farm, but a suburban ranch house--3 bedrooms, 2 baths, tile floors throughout. We have a half acre and DO take extremely good care of our home. The bay window looks onto the bird feeder: kitty tv as I call it. It usually fits at least 4. People shouldn't comment if they've no idea how to live in a multi-pet household. If my husband wasn't here to check me, I'd be fostering those animals who can't find permanent homes. My two dogs were rescues--given up by their previous families. Mine became their forever home. No animal will ever 'not work out' within the walls of my house and no one but no one can tell me how to do it. I'm somewhat of an expert at this point. My beautiful Eskie who just passed away was loved by the three vets who took on the rare disease she was afflicted with. One made a donation to Cornell in her name after she passed and we got condolence cards from so many veterinary people about how amazing they think we are. Now tell me how 'wrong' I am for having more than 4 pets.

Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth S3 years ago

(cont'd): Group by group I got them in to spay/neuter and release (hubby's orders). Then some began dying--a crazy neighbour was putting out poison. I couldn't tolerate it. By that time 8 were left. I took them ALL in--so now had 14 cats--a couple more litter boxes which took a lot more time to clean. None went out, all spayed/neutered--people who came said they'd no idea I had cats at all--and yes, it can be done if you have tile floors. Eventually some died of old age, we rescued a dog who fell in love with a couple--the rest would avoid her. She passed on too. We then later got another dog who got along fine with the remaining 8. She and two of my older cats have just died. One was 21. Her sister is still going strong at 21-l/2 (in people years). The other 5 are all older than 13. I know they'll break my heart sooner than later--and you've no idea what my vet bills have been over the last couple of years--I could probably have built a new house, but that wouldn't have brought me the joy I've gotten from my fur babies.

Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth S3 years ago

Connie O: what has it to do with 'needing' more than 4? Here's MY story. I adopted my first one, then the 2nd before my husband and I married. They came with me-package deal. The third was born in HIS mother's garden--she asked me to find homes for the kittens. At the time I wasn't very good at that: she took one, me a 2nd, a friend the 3rd. Now they were 'unbalanced'. The first 2 loved each other and ignored the kitten. He needed company so a visiting sister of a friend whispered (out of my husband's earshot) that her hairdresser had a gorgeous Russian blue kitten which wasn't working out for her. She brought him from the next State the next day. My older kitten took one look at him and they fell into each other's arms (paws) grooming each other frantically. So now I was up to 4. Frankly, they didn't take up anymore space than 2. Just added a 2nd litter box. ALL of my cats, btw are automatically spayed or neutered and at the time all were kept up on shots. The 5th was adopted from Bide-a-Wee which ran an adoption fair across the Street from my job. He was full grown--a Maine Coon. Spooky as anything, but no one else wanted him. I did. So then of course No. 6 was in order. Another 'family' gift. My brother took one, I took his twin sister. It kept going. 2 feral mommy sisters who wouldn't let me near them gave birth within a week of each other IN my garden. I couldn't catch the mothers, but I sure could socialize the kittens--all 18 of them. Group by group I got them in to sp

Connie O.
Connie O3 years ago

Does anyone really need more than 4 cats? Where I live they regulate how many dogs you not sure about cats, although unless you live on a farm, I wouldn't think you would need more than 4.