Cat vs. Squirrel (video)

Gracie the cat is intensely interested in those rambunctious squirrels and chipmunks out on the deck.

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New G.
New G.4 years ago

Thank you.

Beth M.
Beth M.5 years ago

Poor kitty!

Janet Houle
Janet H.5 years ago

Frustrating for the cat but at least the squirrel and chippy get some food. That cat would catch the chipmunk if left outside but he'd never catch that squirrel. They'll need a new screen if they keep doing that all the time.

Andrea Nemec
Andrea Nemec5 years ago

Cute! Thanks! ;)

Jeanne P.
Jeanne P.5 years ago

Aww!! Poor kitty's nose must hurt now

ilse diels
.5 years ago


Cathy Mounts
Cathy Mounts5 years ago

glad the cat is on the inside!

ilse diels
.5 years ago

poor cat :)

Tamila mendoza
Tamila mendoza5 years ago


Khadija Heidi A.
Heidi A.5 years ago