Catmas Carol: We Three Cats

If you share your holiday home with felines, you will appreciate Laurie Laughran’s wonderful cat version of the traditional carol, “We Three Kings.”

Read the hilarious lyrics here:

We Three Cats (to the tune of “We Three Kings”)

We three cats of Orient are,
Terrified to get in the car,
Why go out for celebrating?
We’ll stay right where we are. Ooooh–

Home is heaven, home is good,
Home is where we get our food,
Why go out for Christmas parties?
Frankly we’re not in the mood.

We’re not happy with a trip yet.
Seems they always end at the vet.
These excursions are diversions,
We’d just as soon forget. Ooooh-
(Repeat chorus)

We three cats are Siamese,
Himalayan, and Tonkinese.
Bring us gifts of meat with gravy
And mild kinds of cheese. Ooooh-
(Repeat chorus)

Lyrics by Laurie Loughran.


Connie O.
ConnieAway O.3 years ago


Paula Lopes
Paula Lopes3 years ago

The one on the right looks extremely surprised :)

Sonia Minwer-Barakat Requ

Cute & funny

Kathy K.
Kathy K.3 years ago

I missed this during the holidays. Very cute!

Cindy Rhodes
Cindy Rhodes3 years ago

funny & cute, thank you

J.L. A.
JL A.3 years ago


Susan E G Scott
Susan E G Scott3 years ago

As old as this is, I'd never heard it. Fang Q for bringing it back! Also second Dale O's comment of Nov 25, 2012.

Shirley S.
Shirley S.3 years ago

Love it !

Sassy A.
Sassy A.3 years ago


Tanya W.
Tanya W.3 years ago

Thanks. Quite clever.