Daily Cute: Kitten is the Cutest Yoga Student

Cats are known for being limber and having excellent balance. We should have known they are the ultimate yogis!

Cat Poses in Mirror Video
Which is Cheaper: Cats or Dogs? (Infographic)
Cat Falls Asleep in Flower Pot (Video)


Jim Ven
Jim Ven4 days ago

thanks for sharing.

Telica R.
Telica R.about a month ago

Thank you for sharing :)

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallusabout a month ago

Thank you for sharing.

Wiktoria R.
Wiktoria R.about a month ago


iveta NoFwdsPls cer
iveta NoFwdsPls cerabout a month ago

Sweet :)

Peggy B.
Peggy B.about a month ago


Ruth C.
Ruth C.about a month ago

Such a cutie!

ERIKA SOMLAIabout a month ago


Catherine Heckel
Catherine Heckelabout a month ago

I'm so jealous. I can't do half of those :))

Bronwyn B.
Bronwyn B.1 months ago

Great moves>^..^