Cat’s Lightbulb Moment–Caption Contest Winners!

Last week, we asked you to caption Dolly’s lightbulb moment, from Care2 member Laurie F!

First, the grand prize winner, who will receive 5,000 Butterfly Rewards for her clever caption:

  • “My First one ‘night stand’! It is very enlightening!” — Jo J.

    And here are four more of our favorite captions: 

  • “Dolly suffered from a severe case of seasonal affective disorder.” – Tonia D.
  • “I gotta figure how to rewire this for meow on, meow off.” — John R..
  • “How many cats does it take…to change a light bulb ?” — Mary B.
  • “I am the Great Cat, I am the Power!” – Winn A.


Many thanks to everyone who submitted a caption, and we hope you tune in for more Care2 Caption Contests, for the chance to win recognition and Butterfly Rewards!

Got a cute or funny pet photo of your own that needs a caption? Submit your photos to!


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Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Bea W.
Bea Wilson2 years ago

Oh how embarrassing! I can't believe I put that lampshade on. Blame it on the catnip!

Kamia T.
Kamia T.2 years ago

Very cute, and I'm so glad that the winners are being regularly posted now. Thanks!

Manuela C.
Manuela C.2 years ago


Carole R.
Carole R.2 years ago

Congrats to the winners! Are you sure that a cat??? :0)

John B.
John B.2 years ago

Thanks! Kudos to the winners!

JL A.2 years ago

Kudos to the winners!

Vicky B.
Vicky B.2 years ago

Ha-ha that caption totally deserved to win. Genius. Well done to the winner. Thank you for sharing.

Connie O.
Connie O.2 years ago

“My First one ‘night stand’! It is very enlightening!”


Sarah Ramsay
Sarah Ramsay2 years ago

Haha silly cat, mine did this once chasing a moth, it didn't take her long to realise it was HOT!