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Kitten Wants to Play With Videos of Herself Playing (Video)

Remember yesterday's video of this kitten snoozing with dalmations? Well, she watched that video, too. And she wanted to join in the fun! Watch this kitten playfully watch videos of herself and try …


6-Week-Old Kitten Falls Asleep With Giant Dalmatian Friends

The gentle nap time of this kitten and his friendly companions will make you feel great, even on your worst day. Sometimes, we all just need to hit the snooze button. And being lazy with some great …


Rescue Dog Is Elected Mayor of Colorado Town

It was a tight mayoral race. Just a few weeks ago, Buster the Cat, was in the lead by 300 votes. But at the 11th hour, supporters of Pa Kettle, the Search and Rescue Bloodhound, pulled out all the sto…


Top 10 Ways to Give Your Pet a Pill

"Dog food gone. Pill remains. Is Sanchez the only dog who does this?" I posted that on Facebook, and fans chimed in with very helpful and funny comments. Here are my favorites: Helpful comments: …


Kitty’s Birthday Party–Caption Contest Winners!

Last week, we asked you to caption the birthday girl, from Care2 member Cheryl F! First, the grand prize winner, who will receive 5,000 Butterfly Rewards for her clever caption: "I have 9 lives…


Cat Sets Toilet Paper Free, Then Changes Mind (Video)

What's typical about this? Well, a cat spins the toilet paper roll and mercilessly watches it unravel. What's not so typical? She then reverse rolls it--good as new... Nothing to see here, folks! …


Most Adorable Moments of a Kitten’s Day-to-Day Life (Video)

If you needed a dose of tiny kitten cuteness, this video is exactly what you should be watching. Nikita the kitten is very innocent and still discovering the world. Watch a string of clips of her …


How D’ya Like Them Apples? These Cats Answer, ‘Meh’ (Video)

These cats are so content! They don't move a single paw, even when they're treated like fruit bowls. Related Strangely Informative 'How to Bathe Your Cat' Video Timo the Cat Seriously Doesn't U…


Cat Stuck In Tree For 5 Days Rescued Thanks to Social Media

In Pearl Misssissippi, cat cries could be heard throughout a neighborhood last week. Binx, a black kitty, had found himself in a pickle up a 50-foot Sweet Gum tree. After unsuccessfully trying to l…


When Should Someone Let a Cat Go?

There's nothing more pathetic than a very sick cat. Even a very sick dog doesn't look as pathetic, because at least we expect dogs to whine and moan when they're sick or injured. But when the ever-sto…


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Oh awesome never heard of making a stain remover with sugar, thanks for the info.

Took a bit to get used to but love the Nettle one now.

I wanted to cut back on oil a few years ago and started using this method for stir-frying and for ba…