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Pet Meds: The Latest Online Scams and How to Avoid Them

After spending $56 billion on their pets last year, Americans are predicted to increase that to $60 billion this year. About half of that spending was divided between veterinary care and pet medicatio…


Cat Loves Leek (Video)

Okay, so the cat doesn't exactly love this leek, but he loves the awesome scratches. Between the cat's face, the piece of produce he's rubbin' up on and the ambiance set by the music, we just couldn…


32 Reasons Cats Are Born Yoga Masters

We tend to think that the term “downward dog” was a misnomer. As it turns out cats, not dogs, are the true yoga masters of the animal kingdom. Need proof? As these 32 photos show, felines’ inner peace…


New York Island Overrun By Cats, But One Woman Is Making a Difference

Manhattan Island is not the only island in New York being over-populated. There is another lesser-known island on the Niagara river that has an exploding population, albeit of cats, not people. That i…


Kitten Video is ‘Coming of Age’ Movie Parody (Video)

This cute kitten clip makes fun of the massive amount of kitten videos dominating the internet (and our hearts) for years. The video manages to also make fun of hipster 'coming of age' films -- near…


Your Pet’s Last Breath in the Luxury of Your Home

When I had my 13-year-old Golden Retriever euthanized in 2003, I was blessed to be surrounded by loving friends in my backyard. As difficult as it was, I was very comforted having my veterinarian come…


Foster Puppies Meet Finn, a Very Patient Cat (Video)

Foster puppies Storm and Shadow can't get enough of Finn the cat. These puppies are only six weeks old, and it shows in their clumsy curiosity. It can be really adorable and entertaining to watch pe…


Toe-Licking Cat Causes Uncontrollable Laughter (Video)

This will cheer you up, no matter what. Pet cats are oddly known for waiting outside of shower doors, licking extra moisture up from said shower and now, licking baby toes right after bath time. It'…


What Your Cat’s Mealtime is Missing

I was captivated by a recent NPR interview with veterinarian Vint Virga, a specialist in animal behavior. Virga emphasizes that we should try to view the world from our companion animals' senses. The …


Watch This Kitten Attack a (Ceramic) Kitten

Have you ever fought with your shadow, your reflection ... an art piece of yourself? Intruders come in all shapes, sizes and art forms. Watch this very cute kitten go nuts when he glimpses another k…


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