Which is Cheaper: Cats or Dogs? (Infographic)

Are you thinking of getting a cat or dog, but want to know the financial impact? Look no further than the chart below.

Credit: TurboTax

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Wendi M.
Wendi M.2 months ago

Honestly ask any Pet Owner whether it's Dog or Cat if they only spend these silly listed amounts on their Pet per year and I have a few people I have asked and I have been laughed at everytime so far ;)

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedl2 years ago

Maybe I should mention that I don´t buy the very most expensive food for my cats, I couldn´t afford that at all, but I don´t buy Whiskas or Felix f. ex., there´s sugar in it, I buy the food from dm´s own brand, that´s a drugstore...

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedl2 years ago

I spend about 50 € for the food of 3 cats in a month, so I wonder, too, what the cats from the graphic get to eat, hahaha!!! Okay, sometimes I also buy fresh poultry or fish for them, or also raw beef meat or poultry/beef liver... And Gizzy gets 2 organic eggs the week, by the way... + some cat sticks for each of them every week!

Marion Friedl
Marion Friedl2 years ago

I knew this, in Germany you even have to pay a dog tax, and for so-called fighting dog breeds ot listed dogs that can be up to 1.000 € or more the year! By the way: I can´t afford to make a pet assurance for my 3 cats, but mine are healthy, anyway, if they ever have to visit the vet with me I pay for them!

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson3 years ago

uhm what type of dog only eats $120 in dog food? A chihuahua? Our dog eats that much in 3 months. And you really ought to buy better quality food for your animals!

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Kerrie G.
Kerrie G.3 years ago

Very interesting, thanks for sharing. :)

anne r.
Tom R.3 years ago

It costs more than $115 a year to feed a cat unless you are feeding them a low quality dry cheap cat food. Same goes for the dog amount listed. Low quality food will sustain the cat or dog early but after time, they will both get sick and die earlier than pets provided better quality food. You don't need health insurance and grooming (you can groom both yourself and save on this expense and taking care of them with better food will keep them healthy from the moment you get them). Vetting also very important and can be done at Clinic cheaper without a vet for extremely reasonable costs and you have only to do this ONCE or when adopted (at shelter who will make sure the dog or cat is healthy and vetted). You can even get rabies shots (once every three years (3 in 1) shot) by ACC at nominal cost or even free under certain conditions. Don't let the cost stop you from rescuing or adopting a cat or dog. Have both and both are worth the trouble. It is easier however to own a dog if you work from home or are home early rather than later in the day. Cats are easy maintenance and loving and don't require the attention a dog needs but both are great companions.

anne r.
Tom R.3 years ago

While focusing on the financial only is the wrong way to go. You can get a cat or dog for free from someone rehoming with vetting and neuter or you can foster for a rescue (the rescue pays for both dogs and cats food and care). So many die daily without fosters or rescue. You can feed a dog easier than a cat without dog food but a cat probably not as easier. The high cost of dog and cat food make most people shy away from pets as well as pet health care. There are ways around this. You can go to organizations that promote free or low cost spay/neutering and vaccinations and if you keep your cat INDOORS, they will be very healthy. I do not feel declawing is necessary and training a cat to use scratching post is easy. Cats are independent and not needy and dogs are more dependent, both are equally smart. I do believe that you can give them a good quality food without having to buy the high end dog food by feeding rice/carrots/chicken and/or rice/carrots/beef or turkey. Its actually cheaper than buying canned food. (You can freeze the food in packs when you make it) for a week or feed as needed). As a result, you can have good food (no additives, no allergies and a healthy dog) and no need for vet care that often. You can also supplement with home made treats when needed. The stuff they sell in the stores have a lot of additives!

Alan Lambert
Alan Lambert3 years ago

Excellent Graphic thanks