Celebrating Father’s Day: Daddy Does Dinner (2 videos)

Dads now account for nearly one-quarter of the time the family spends cooking. In 1965 that figure was only 5 percent. The kitchen has become the center of the American family and it is no longer a back room to be avoided. With the increased status of food, cooking and the kitchen comes more involvement from men and fathers because it is not viewed as women’s work. It has taken a while for the kitchen to catch up to the women’s movement and I think that male celebrity chefs like Mario Batali and Jamie Oliver have certainly helped. The end result is good for kids, moms, and the whole family. Boys and girls are now growing up learning how to cook from their fathers and the kitchen is a great classroom. Parent Earth celebrates dads in the kitchen with a series of videos featuring contributors to the new book Man with a Pan.

Daddy Does Dinner: Wesley Stace on Family Get Togethers
As the song goes, “the more we get together, the happier we’ll be.” Watch singer/songwriter Wesley Stace sing and cook with his adorable family and eat yummy homemade coconut cupcakes. Learn about his family history and start making memories of your own.

Daddy Does Dinner: Mark Kurlansky Makes Fish Basque Style
Part of the Daddy Does Dinner series, watch Mark Kurlansky and John Donohue prepare tasty and quick fish Basque-style and share their thoughts on why dads should cook for their families.

Dads Who Cook
Dad Cooks Chicken Dopiaza
How Manly is Everyday Cooking?

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