Class Rules: Surprising Uses for Lockers

No longer just for text books and afternoon gossip, we admire the straightforward storage school lockers provide. Seen in these interiors, they lend an old school, vintage appeal to a space.

Above and below: Chicago-based interior designer Angela Stone favors a “bare, stripped down urban salvage aesthetic” that incorporates  a mix of unique pieces and ordinary affordable furniture. Seen here, she uses vintage steel lockers in her home to store essentials.

Above: Along with your local salvage shop, the online store School Lockers is a good option for sourcing compartments both new and old; starting at $45.

Above: Originally seen in Cottage Living: A rustic kitchen that mixes stainless steal and battered blue lockers for storage.

Above: Those looking for a more customized look should consider the 2 Pillar Vintage Steel Locker by Twenty Gauge. The company will customize to the size and color of your choice.

For more salvaged decor ideas, check out Remodelista’s posts Diana Kellogg in NYC, Vintage Wooden Kitchen Shelf and Reclaimed Doors as Headboard.


Natasha Salgado
natasha salgado3 years ago

Lockers make for great storage but they are a real pain to move from one area to another...too heavy!! Thanks

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retro makeovers are really cute

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how it! and retro

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Thanks for the article.

John B.
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Very good story and great ideas. Thanks.

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Too "institutional" for my tastes!

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