Clean and Green for the Holidays

The holidays are coming and you know what that means–company’s coming too! If you’re planning to entertain a gaggle of relatives, a flock of friends, or both, then you are going to want to make your home clean and inviting.

But what’s inviting about the smell of toxic chemicals, the kind found in most commercial cleaning products? Besides being better for the Earth and better for your health, these tips for DIY formulas will make your home clean, green and smell great to boot.

Solvent-Free Furniture Polish

Non-Toxic Oven Cleaner

Silver Cleaning With Household Basics

Mulled Cider Air Freshener

Fragrant Floor Wash

The 5 Basics for Non-Toxic Cleaning.

P.S. If you’ve got people staying over, read the Best-Dressed Guest Nest for making your spare room a home away from home for visiting relatives and friends.


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