Climate Change in 26 Seconds (NASA Video)

This NASA video shows increasing temperatures in many parts of the world from 1880 – 2011.

Image Credit:  NASA, Public Domain


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Michael Van Overberg

To H.J. So we can forget ozone depletion ect. Keep burning coal and go back to R-12 refrigerants, ECT!!??

Dave C.
David C.3 years ago


Harold J.
Harold J.4 years ago

There is something that most people who see this presentation would not be aware. The amount of this very accurate global historical data required to complete this detailed presentation has never been available, so this presentation cannot be believed just based on this point alone. So where did the data come from is the question. I suspect that the information came from one of the alarmist computer models for climate that was in a sense, run backward based on some political template from someone from the "global-warming" alarmist side. The computer programs have never been validated, so this pretty output is just manipulated computer speculation/exploitation. Also, the alarmists still refuse to believe that world temperatures have fallen since 2000, temperatures verified by actual data gathered from trusted methods (not just modeled on a computer): this downturn, which of course this presentation wouldn't show! So despite the slick presentation appearing to be compelling, it really is just a representation of the bogus alarmist position generated by computer output, manipulated to support the alarmist agenda.

Harold J.
Harold J.4 years ago

Note that what this presentation shows is a delta change in temperatures relative to its creator's chosen baseline year of 1880, not the actual temperatures. Also the colors distort the relative change in temperatures: one should realize that the actual delta change of temperatures between the color extremes--the deep blue and deep red areas, is probably only about 3 degrees F or so, which is clearly quite deliberately deceiving.

The climate "debate" isn't that the temperatures haven't risen over this selected period since 1880. The temperature record, before the alarmists' attempts to re-write the climate history to bolster their agenda, shows that the global temperatures since the cool years immediately prior to 1880, which was the period known as the "Little Ice Age" (LIA), have only increased by about one degree Fahrenheit! This is hardly a change that should produce any concern, especially since such a slight increase in temperatures is to be expected as the Earth returns to the normal warmer part of the cycle as its temperatures rebound from the quite cold period of the LIA.

Any other alarmist claim of this period is unsupported by valid research/data. The whole point of the presentation and the site is a biased one portraying the alarmist "global-warming" cause. The underlying goal is to claim extraordinary/unprecedented rising temperatures, caused by man, of which there is actually no supporting evidence.

There is something that most people who see this

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe4 years ago

Wow!! That was an eye opening experience!!! I knew our climate was changing, but didn't realize how much!!!!

Annemarie W.
Annemarie L.4 years ago


Darla G.
Darla G.4 years ago

Hard to believe there are some people who still dispute it - the proof is in the pudding as they say. Many people are too concerned about themselves to worry about whether anything can be done about global warming. The weather patterns are changing everywhere and if we don't do something soon, Earth as we know it will not be around.

Cassandra Lai
Cassandra Lai4 years ago

This is an amazing records.

Sheila D.
Sheila D.4 years ago

Amazing. And yet we still have people who insist it's not true.

Jan Mach
Jan Mach4 years ago

The human race is overcultivated and deserves to become extinct. That's the only chance for the planet.