Color Helper: Black

Wear or invite this color into your life for greater balance and good fortune.

BLACK is a powerful color that has been associated with death in some cultures, but with the potent place of gestation and magic in others. BLACK is mysterious; it hints at hidden things, at places where one cannot see with the eyes, but with the spirit.

BLACK is a rich color, containing within it all the colors of the spectrum. Try this simple exercise to see the surprises hidden in BLACK: take a black water-based marker or pen and make a few marks with it on a piece of white paper. Now drop a drop of water on the marks. Allow the paper to dry and then see what colors emerge from the “black” ink: sometimes pink, green, and blue make an appearance. Who knew they were hidden there all along?

What mysteries and surprises may be hidden in our own places of darkness or confusion? Wear black today to remind yourself of the power of the dark earth that hides the seeds so that new growth can emerge, or the fertile womb that protects developing life. Trust that there are processes of growth going on in your own psyche that you may not be consciously aware of, but which are going on nonetheless.

By Cait Johnson, co-author of Celebrating the Great Mother (Inner Traditions, 1995).


Connie O.
Connie O3 years ago

I wear a lot of black.

Patricia H.
Patricia H.3 years ago


LMj Sunshine

Interesting info, thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Interesting info, thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Interesting info, thank you.

Cindy Rhodes
Cindy Rhodes3 years ago

hmmm, thank you

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton4 years ago


Suzanne L.

TY. I prefer bright colours tho'.

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g d c4 years ago


Heidi H.
Past Member 4 years ago

My favorite 'color' in clothes my dog and many furnishings.