Color Helper: Purple

Wear or invite this color into your life for greater balance and good fortune.

PURPLE, a powerful and dignified color once worn only by royalty, is linked to the sixth chakra, located in the center of the brow and associated with intuition, or the seventh chakra, on the crown of the head, where it relates to higher wisdom and spirituality.

If youíve been feeling insignificant or vulnerable–in need of a little empowering boost–or out of touch with your deeper wisdom, then PURPLE is just the color for you. Purple urges us to find our power within, not the kind of power that needs to control or dominate others, but power rooted in connection to Spirit. Wear something purple today to remind you of your own intuitive voice, your own deep ways of knowing what is or isnít true for you. Purple is restful to the eye, encouraging deep states of meditation, so it may be the perfect color for a meditation candle or cushion.

By Cait Johnson, Assistant Producer, Care2 Healthy Living Channels.


Patricia H.
Patricia H.3 years ago


LMj Sunshine

Interesting, thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Interesting, thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Interesting, thank you.

Cindy Rhodes
Cindy Rhodes3 years ago

I love purple, thank you for info.

Kath P.
Kath P.4 years ago

I'd originally thought that I'd paint our front door blue but something told me not to. I eventually settled on a deep plum and have been extremely happy with the outcome. I always feel welcome when I look at I know why. Thanks for posting the article.

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton4 years ago

Interesting! Purple is my favourite colour. Thanks for the article.

Joy Wong
Joy Wong4 years ago

Thank you.

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Michele Wilkinson

Thank you